A Brooklyn Rabbi has introduced the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) menorah, which can be digitally lit, in New York City. The NFT contains the blueprints for 3D-printing the menorah, according to Rabbi Mordechai who detailed its specifics on Monday.

The menorah is a certified work of digital art—one that can be uniquely owned, saved and sold online. “It’s a unique file on the polygon block chain. That means that even though most files can be taken and copied any number of times, this particular file has, due to its connection to the block chain, has a uniqueness to it, there’s only one of it in existence. Whoever owns it gets the image,” said Rabbi Mordechai

The NFT was displayed as being a menorah on Mordechai’s phone, which comes with instructions to 3D print your own menorah. “It creates this full circle experience, where from a real menorah we have a digital file, which gives you the instructions to make another real menorah, and through that we’re able to create more menorahs, more sources of light in the world, and that’s what we are exited about,” said Mordechai.

He went on to describe how such technology needs to be connected to tradition, and how this way of dealing with NFT aims to connect ancient Jewish traditions with modern technologies to create something more soul-full.

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