Nvidia’s anti-Ethereum Mining Lock is a Joke, and we aren’t laughing

Nvidia broke their own mining lock…

Published: 15th March 2021 | Source:HardwareLuxx | Author: Mark Campbell

Last month, Nvidia proclaimed that “Geforce Is Made for Gaming” and its RTX 3060 graphics card would ship with an Ethereum mining lock that cripples the GPU’s mining performance. Today, Nvidia’s problem is that they launched a driver that bypassed their mining lock, opening the door to cryptocurrency miners.

Nvidia’s Geforce 470.05 beta driver was distributed to developers without including their cryptocurrency mining lock, allowing RTX 3060 users to achieve the GPU’s full Ethereum mining potential. This has been confirmed by Computerbase.de and HardwareLuxx, who both revealed that Nvidia’s mining lock could be bypassed using this driver without any tweaks to their graphics cards.

Yes, Nvidia broke its own cryptocurrency mining lock. Nvidia claimed that the RTX 3060’s crypto-limiter “cannot be hacked”, but that doesn’t mean that their anti-crypto tool is immune to the company’s carelessness. Nvidia’s anti-Ethereum mining lock is a joke, and we aren’t laughing.

Nvidia can’t fix this

Nvidia’s Geforce 470.05 Developer driver is already available online, and it can allow RTX 3060 GPUs to mine Ethereum without any restrictions. Nvidia made bold claims about its anti-Ethereum and pro-gamer mining lock, and those claims are now worthless.

Nvidia locked the door, boasted about how secure it was and then forgot to take the key out of the lock. Nvidia was careless, and they only have themselves to blame for this issue. If creating their mining lock was a pro-gamer move, providing miners with the means to bypass it is an anti-gamer move, even if it was accidental.

(Image from HardwareLuxx of an RTX 3060 mining Ethereum unrestricted)

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Most Recent Comments

15-03-2021, 16:27:14

Gothmothwell i already thought it will be a joke.

but that nvidia was lying so obviously is surprising.

make no mistale they were not only careless, they where LYING about how the lock works!Quote

15-03-2021, 17:55:45

grecDecided to try my 3060 Ti (FE)

A “Quick and dirty optimised” setup with just a 60% power limit and memory at 7.7GHz (+900MHz):

EDIT: Checked the translation of original article and realised the good quality screenshot is with the limit on, looks like it can hit ~40MH/s but while consuming a lot more power than it takes the Ti to do more, so I guess the 3060 normal still is quite far off desirable for this use case


16-03-2021, 11:16:03

EyeOfACI read elsewhere that it will only work if there’s only one GPU in the system and a display must be connected. Windows only and one has to register with Nvidia to access the developer drivers.

Targeting the multi-GPU setups rather than the average consumer seems a better aproach to me. Hope this is what they will do in the long run.Quote


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