nvidia confirms it unlocked rtx ethereum

Or how about with dummy plugs:

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Crypto Miners Fool Nvidia’s Anti-Mining Limiter With $6 HDMI Dummy Plug

Bypassing the “unhackable”

In general I think any type of “downgrading” or “nerfing” or “disabling” is always a bad idea, at least in software – I’m not just talking about NVidia. But also NVidia. For years they were never supporting the current release of Fedora, they were always some two version numbers behind. But now things broke all the time, because the current Fedora always ships with a gcc version that couldn’t be used with CUDA. Now people either a) fudged the version number in a config file, and that was pretty unsafe, but in most cases still worked well, b) needed to several serious contortions to their installations to install an old gcc (hacks, manual installs, copra repos, asf.). I complained about this on various online forums and usually got replies along the lines of “well, it’s difficult with the many distros …”, well, generally: yes, but you are NVidia. A global company, billions in sales, and can’t afford Linux release managers that can cover all distros. They make it sound as if they were some poor mom and pop shop. I admit things got better in the more recent past, about the time the HPC package was released. But for years they didn’t care about fixing things: not supporting current gcc, or even fixing bugs in the CUDA samples. I’ve reported a bug here in this forum, and it’s still not fixed in the current CUDA release. It seems nobody from NVidia is reading these forums. VERY negligent in every way. So, if this is really compay-internal dysfunctionality obsession (as it manifests otherwise), this may have been a “legit” case of “oh, we forgot”. Ironically, the “innocent” version of human error is actually credible here, because it’s a) driver release at NVidia, b) Nvidia as company. If it weren’t a driver release at NVidia I’d call it a ruse in the disguise of a human error.

Which means: what does that mean for the CMP cards? It seems the 470 drivers are easily available on the web, permanently. Now, what’s the point of the CMP cards, especially if they’re gonna be expensive?

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