In this stream Nate and I are showing how to upload artwork for sale OpenSea, which is currently the largest marketplace for NFTs. We talk about the differences and implications of Etherium Main vs Polygon Matic sidechain, we show how to upload singles as well as multiples, and I make my first ever NFT purchase.

00:00 Titles and Welcome
02:15 What is OpenSea
05:40 What can we upload to OpenSea
11:00 Nate lists an item with details (minting)
16:00 Traits and Properties
20:05 Unlockable Content
22:40 Enabling quantity/multiples with OpenSea
24:10 Selling a listed item
32:00 Jay doesn’t buy Holy Shit
38:50 Jay lists Fire Walk with Me
50:00 Nate lists a multiple NFT on Polygon
54:50 What is Polygon/Matic
1:02:40 Creating a new collection
1:21:30 Jay buys Holy Shit 🤩
1:31:00 Final thoughts on promotion
1:34:40 Goodbye


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