An NFT restaurant is coming to New York, where you need to own a token to go to the restaurant. Flyfish aims to be an exclusive restaurant where owning a token to get access is a signal of luxury social status.
The NFT’s originally went on sale for 2.5 ETH each or just over 8 thousand dollars, but now they are reselling for 6.63 ETH or more or 22 thousand dollars. The tokens can also be leased out too. Flyfish sold 1,501 NFTs this month and raised 15 million dollars for the venture. They also held 1,500 additional tokens to be released later on.
The restaurant isn’t even set to open until 2023, it will feature a “globally inspired” seafood menu; and another, more exclusive token will get you into a special omakase room made by a michellin starred chef. That token started at $29,500.
The tokens only get you into the door, you still need to pay for your food too.

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