Are you bored? Well, you certainly won’t get bored when you hear this! Today, you will hear about something low and something powerfully pushing high.

First, let’s have you understand what an NFT is. NFTs or Nuon-Fungible Tokens are important things in the crypto space, especially to the crypto community. They only exist in within the space and nope, it can’t nor will it ever be replicated.

Bored Ape is an NFT which is among the great names inside the space that can be purchased with USD or the crypto ETH. ETH, among the big cryptos, made a massive rise in its gas price?

These shifts in an NFT and crypto sure proves the exciting and uncertain endeaveors that the space has for us.

Find out more as we continue to venture into this otherside space together. Stay tuned on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays weekly for more juicy updates right here on Satoshi Media.

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