Are NFT’s a better investment than Tokens? What you need to know about NFT Investing.

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*** Are NFTs The Best Investment In Crypto ***

NFT sales have gone completely crazy. Their growth from 2020-2021 is an absolute rocket ship. But why?

Are NFTs really that different from regular tokens?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Learn why I think NFTs are about more than just art and how they can become a major piece of your investment portfolio.

*** End NFT Investing ***

*** Time Codes ***

0:00 NFT Investments
1:15 Free Crypto
2:53 What Are NFTs
3:32 NFTs Are Big $
5:13 NFTs Replacing FTs
7:07 Major NFT Projects
11:00 NFT Star Power
11:58 Aurory NFT Drop
13:48 NFTs Drive SOL Price
16:43 Like, Comment & Subscribe

*** Time Codes ***

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