With the trend of the profile picture NFTs like CryptoPunks and CyberKongz taking some rest, projects like Eponym NFT are getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so.

In today’s video Shash talks to Ben Kovalis, co-founder of Eponym ART NFT about the future of NFTs and they mint a part of Eponym Gen2 NFT called blackout!

Altcoin Buzz NFT Collection – https://opensea.io/altcoinbuzz
Eponym Art Ai Website – https://art-ai.com
Eponym Gen1 – https://opensea.io/collection/eponym
Eponym Gen2 – https://opensea.io/collection/eponym-gen2

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Painting using AI Algorithms
1:50 How does AI know visually appealing?
3:26 How long does it take to teach an AI to paint
4:27 What type of information do you feed the AI?
7:16 Do the AI paintings closely resemble actual paintings?
10:35 AI Signatures
11:20 Shash’s collection
13:09 Blackout: Minting a gen2 eponym nft
29:15 Gen2 and their future
37:08 Why is Eponym still undervalued?
41:05 The NFT Business. How did you make money from Eponym?
46:00 Tell us more about “Pen” Token
50:17 Conclusion
53:56 Bonus: 3 crypto and NFT projects that Eponym likes

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