Welcome to my NFT game reviews, this is the Silks SLK NFT review.

Silks is the first derivative P2E metaverse powered by the real world of thoroughbred horse racing.
The platform will allow its participants to experience the thrill of thoroughbred horse ownership by enabling them to purchase digital horse NFTs that directly correspond to real thoroughbreds, after which they can trade, maintain and earn rewards based on the racing success of their real-world horse.
Additional NFTs including Silks Avatars, land, stables, and horse farms will also play an integral role within the Silks ecosystem and, together with Silks horses, constitute the in-game assets that the community will interact with as part of Silks P2E gameplay model.

🔰 Check Out Game of Silks
Website: https://www.silks.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gameofsilks
Discord: https://discord.gg/silks

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