▶ Residents of the metaverse: your play to earn life just got more valuable

The moment we have all been waiting for for a long time is arriving. It’s time to start CMW generation and loan profits sharing. Burn your NFTs and get your CMW tokens instantly. Participate in the CMW auctions and acquire your first Premium NFT.

🏦 Credit Metaverse is the first NFT collateral loan service in the WAX blockchain 🏦

Backed and designed by experienced crypto entrepreneurs who deeply understand the play to earn world. Credit Metaverse solves the liquidity problem for players whose WAX tokens are invested in NFTs. Generate CMW tokens! Get better loan terms and a share of aftermarket fees. Use your CMW tokens to buy Premium NFTs. Get share in Credit Metaverse lending profits and more. The unique CMW token is designed to grow. Credit Metaverse is a unique decentralized financial service.

The following links will take you to the Credit Metaverse project:
🏦 NFT Collateral oan service: https://creditmetaverse.io/
📎 White paper: https://creditmetaverse.io/assets/pdf…
💻 Join The Discord community: https://discord.gg/SSqn4j2PEv

NFT burning is LIVE I Get your CMW tokens instantly I Premium NFT auctions I Credit Metaverse

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