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This is for people new to the space that cant afford to pay hundreds of dollars in gas per transaction on ethereum. Just want to let you know there are alternatives to open sea and ethereum.If you get into solana and cardano nfts early you are playing a high risk but higher reward game.

Today i talk about the other NFT market places out there. Imagine a marketplace where you don’t have to pay insane gas fees just to have a transaction fail and lose out on that nft snipe you had lined up.. Well I am happy to inform you that there are other platforms that you can buy nfts from that don’t run on ethereum gas.

Solana and Cardano are both proof of stake projects that will revolutionize the crypto space. If you get into these eco systems early and stay patient you will be sitting pretty in the long run

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The Websites I talked about in this video:

Solana Wallet: Phantom –
Solana NFT Marketplace: Solanart –

Cardano Wallet: Daedalus –
Cardano NFT Marketplace: CNFT –

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