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from the NeoTokyo Discord, “What is this project?
It was started in early sept as an experiment by Alex and Ellio. No one actually knows what is going to happen, it is one step at a time.

1. People followed clues in order to get on a whitelist to mint part 1 of the project (Identity)

1a) It was revealed there were “elite” identities which could be found by solving “riddles”. Only 3 of these have been found so far that we know of.

2. People played the game “kong” in order to get on a whitelist to get part 2 of the project (Vaults)

3. Those with vaults played UEAC escape to get a better item on the part 3 mint which was items.

3a) Those who had an Identity + Vault were able to open their vault to claim the “$Bytes” token. A citizen can only open 1 vault, and a vault can only be opened once. Anyone can buy $bytes.

4. Those with a vault + solved beckers twitter riddle + played among us/pacman were able to get “Land”

5. People with 4 items can ‘upload’ on dec 5

/\ This is where we are up to.

There are still many unanswered questions, nothing is confirmed only hypothesis.

Please note: This is a very brief summary. There is more intricacy than this.”

#defi #nft #gamefi #eth #bytes #p2e

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