An overview of music NFTs to help you get started.

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Within the past year, music NFTs have exploded. What was once a very niche topic nested within a very niche topic has now become a global talking point with both music artists and music collectors all jumping into the fray.

But what exactly are music NFTs? Why do they matter? And how do we get going in an ecosystem that is moving at light speed and changing every single day?

This is my attempt to shed some light on the topic of music NFTs. Let’s talk about why music NFTs are important, what they truly are, and where we can get started in this exciting new space.

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0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Welcome
1:05 – What are music NFTs?
2:17 – Why music NFTs matter
3:25 – A warning about investing in NFTs
4:03 – How to get started with music NFTs
4:34 – Music NFT blockchains and platforms
5:50 – Music NFT scarcity and strategy
7:34 – Single edition music NFTs
8:10 – The future of music NFTs
9:00 – Outro

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