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It is very similar to Uniswap with the addition of a network drop down tab alongside the asset being traded.

Cross chain transfers usually take around 5 minutes but can take up to half an hour depending on network conditions.

Fees are $0.90 USD for most alternate L1’s and $30 for Ethereum mainnet. There are minimum and maximum transaction amounts as well so check before sending.

Currently the supported chains are:-

Multichain operates it own network of nodes based on Secure Multi Party Computation (SMPC).

Individual nodes sign transactions across multiple rounds of communication to validate data.

Multichain, formerly Anyswap, is a Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure developed for the seamless flow of on-chain assets’ interoperability. It aims to become the ultimate router of Web3.

Multichain is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time, and higher security levels.

Multichain was co-founded in 2020 by Zhao Jun.
The company is headquartered in Singapore.

Multichain provides a mature real-time CRP system, which allows assets on all networks to inter-operate with each other. Multichain boasts leading advantages in security, speed and user experience.

Multichain today is by far the best solution for cross-chain interaction.

As the trailblazer of decentralized cross-chain service, Multichain provides interconnect infrastructure for 25 mainstream public blockchains including Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Moonriver, Arbitrum, Polygon and Harmony. The Total Value Locked (TVL) on Multichain, whose number of users exceeds 300,000, is more than $5 billion, with over 1,000 crypto assets circulating among different mainnets.
It is unsurpassed in terms of speed, security and decentralization. Builders can create application layers on top of it to strengthen DeFi composability.

“Multichain now is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time and higher security levels.

Then once the approval has gone through click “Swap” and confirm the transaction.

If you don’t have the network you are transferring to in your Metamask network list you can add it at: https://chainlist.org


For developers looking to bridge their own ERC20 tokens across mulitple chains there are a couple of options. You can either let Multichain deploy the token contracts across alternate chains or you can deploy them and provide the contract addresses.

$60m Funding Round

In December 2021 Multicoin announced a $60m raise at a $1.1B valuation led by Binance Labs.
Other VC in the round included Three Arrows Capital, Tron Foundation and Sequoia Capital China.

This funding provides a long run way to expand the team, product and volumes as the platform evolves.

Aligning with our plan to improve Web3, Multichain will integrate NFT Cross-Chain Bridge and our new anyCall solution for arbitrary cross-chain contract calls, supporting innovative NFT and DeFi DApps in cross-chain ecosystems. We will remain on the frontline of cross-chain research,” said Zhaojun, the Co-founder of Multichain.

Bill Chin, Head of Investment at Binance Labs, said: “Binance Labs invests in disruptive innovations that have incredible potential to shape the crypto landscape, which is why we are fully supporting Multichain.” Peter Huo, Investment Director at Binance Labs, added: “Multichain is a key contributor to the multi-chain future for crypto.

L1’s continuing to provide liquidity incentives it seems likely that we will see a growing amount of cross chain transactions.

Multichain has positioned itself well to benefit from this evolution and has the platform, VC backing and potential to establish itself as the market leader in the space.

The MULTI token risks being diluted by the high total supply relative to the circulating supply. It seems possible that VC’s have purchased a significant stake all be it one which is vested until December 2022.
The still to be disclosed tokenomic model relating to veMULTI could provide a catalyst for strong short term price action and the long term fundamentals of the project as a whole look solid.

The expansion of DeFi is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever seen and I’m focusing on exploring, learning, investing and trading in these markets.

Portfel Binance Chain to oficjalny portfel kryptowalutowy Binance umożliwiający dostęp do Binance Smart Chain, Binance Chain i Ethereum. Możesz go używać do bezpiecznego przechowywania krypto i łączenia się z tysiącami projektów na różnych blockchainach.

Niezależnie od tego, czy chcesz swapować BNB na inne tokeny, tworzyć NFT, czy korzystać z yield farmingu, możesz to wszystko z łatwością zrobić za pomocą portfela, który jest dostępny w formie rozszerzenia do przeglądarki. Portfel Binance Chain obsługuje obecnie przeglądarki Chrome, Firefox i Brave.

Artykuł oryginalnie napisany i opublikowany na Akademii Binance

Co sprawia, że Portfel Binance Chain jest wyjątkowy?

Na pierwszy rzut oka Portfel Binance Chain wygląda podobnie do innych portfeli działających jako rozszerzenia.

I’ve seen Anyswap popping up more and more in on-chain analytics reports as it’s grown to be a six billion dollar protocol by TVL. The platform just rebranded to Multichain and its fast becoming the market leader in cross chain bridges.

If you want to transfer USDC from Ethereum to Polygon or Fantom or another EVM compatible blockchain you can probably do it with Multichain.

  1. Cross Chain Dex
  2. Analysing Cross-Chain Flows
  3. How To Use Multichain
  4. $60m Funding Round
  5. MULTI Tokenomics
  6. A Multichain Future

Cross Chain Dex

We have seen an explosion of alternate layer 1’s and layer 2’s over the last 12 months. Today we have more chains all with their own ecosystems and opportunities.

But moving funds between the chains has proved problematic in that there hasn’t been a clear market leader in the space.

SINGAPORE, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Multichain (previously Anyswap), the world’s leading cross chain protocol, raises a $60 million financing round at $1.2 billion valuation led by Binance Labs, joined by Sequoia China, IDG Capital, Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital, Circle Ventures, Tron Foundation, Hypersphere Ventures, Primitive Ventures, Magic Ventures and HashKey. Besides backing Multichain financially, all the supporters will be jointly involved in the project’s development at a deep level to achieve the common vision for web3.

Multichain, rebranded from Anyswap, will continue with what it has achieved to date as a router protocol for Web3.

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