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With the coming of Binance Smart Chain, crypto enthusiasts have wondered how Ethereum vs Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will play out if put side to side. Is Binance Smart Chain better than its counterpart, is the opposite the case or are both swinging hand in hand?

Binance Smart Chain Vs Ethereum: Smart Contracts

When it comes to the Ethereum vs Binance Smart Chain discussion, Ethereum rocks the realm of the smart contract at the moment. This is one reason many dApps are attracted to Ethereum, and there has been an intense growth in the ecosystem. Tremendous growth has resulted in the rise of gas fees, which is scaring people into looking for alternatives. One of these alternatives is the Binance Smart Chain.

Finally, on December 16, Anyswap decided to rename the brand to Multichain.

As per the press release, Multichain provides cross-chain infrastructure for 25 mainstream public blockchains including Ethereum [ETH], Fantom [FTM], Binance Smart Chain [BSC], Avalanche [AVAX], Moonriver [MOVR], Arbitrum, Polygon [MATIC], and Harmony [ONE]. Besides the Total Value Locked [TVL] on the cross-chain protocol is over 300k, nearly $5 billion, with over 1,000 crypto assets circulating among different mainnets.

Speaking on the latest announcement Zhaojun, the Co-founder of Multichain.

“Multichain now is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto-assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time, and higher security levels.

Binance Chains, also called the home of BNB currencies, have gained their part in the cryptocurrency world faster than expected. Binance chain was first introduced to the world by Binance in 2019.
And from that point on, Binance has made sure to provide the fastest and most decentralized trading. Binance Smart Chain provides a full-featured decentralized development environment built on newBlockchain technology training.
In addition, Binance Chain has been constructed to support cross-chain compatibility, ensuring users get the most out of both chains. This article will get all the information you need to understand Binance Smart Chain better.

BSC is the ditto copy of Ethereum. On the contrary, they have their own some differences, which are listed out below:

  • Validator staking requirement for Ethereum is stake 32 ETH, whereas, for binance smart chains, it is the stake of at least a 10000 BNB to become eligible.
  • The branding of Ethereum is not under its company’s name, but for BSC, the branding is under the company name Exchange Binance.
  • Centralization in the case of validator numbers is larger in the case of the Binance smart chain and less in the case of Ethereum.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Binance Smart Chain


  • Low gas fees

BSC currently charges 5 Gwei on average for transactions, significantly less than Ethereum’s 40 Gwei.

But that doesn’t mean that Binance Chain is limited to this only; they have other services, some of them are listed below:

  • Binance allows the exchange of digital assets, including their native currency BNB.
  • Tokens can be minted, burned, locked/unlocked, or frozen/unfrozen to regulate supply and issuance.
  • Release of new tokens according to the BEP-2 standard. The BNB token, a BEP-2 token on the BC blockchain, is an example.

Moreover, the Binance chain uses the BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) Tendermint, one of the most popular chains of the cosmos blockchain.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

After completing a year and a half of successful running of Binance chain, in 2020, Binance introduced BSC or Binance Smart Chain.

In contrast to Ethereum’s current Proof of Work (PoW), they chose a Proof of Staked Authority consensus mechanism. With PoSA, the time for the transactions and the cost of transactions have been reduced.

Attribute of BSC

Independent Blockchain

Even though it is a sibling blockchain of the Binance Chain, that doesn’t mean that Binance Smart Chain has anything to do with it.
Binance innovative chain is a standalone blockchain and does not connect with Binance Chain other than from the same parent Binance Exchange. So even if the Binance chain is shut down or stops working, Binance Chain will work without any interference or technical glitch.

Ethereum Compatible

Binance Smart Chain’s smart contracts support and are compatible with Ethereum dApp.

Furthermore, elected validators will check each transaction and confirm it only after moving the transaction to ensure the transactions are better secured. The validators also help produce the block in a Poof-of-Authority (PoA) manner.

If a person wants to become a validator, they should stake BNB. The validator receives the transaction fees incurred by the block if the block pushed forward by them is added to the chain.

Working of the Binance Smart Chain

It is possible to create and distribute test net tokens that can represent multiple types of assets if they are compatible with the Bep-20 standard.

The term token refers to distributed block assets, ranging from real-world assets such as real estate to distributed block assets. As the BSC version of the ERC-20 introduced by Ethereum (ETH) in 2017, BEP-20 tokens are considered the BSC version of ERC-20.

As the trailblazer of decentralized cross-chain service, Multichain provides interconnect infrastructure for 25 mainstream public blockchains including Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Moonriver, Arbitrum, Polygon and Harmony. The Total Value Locked (TVL) on Multichain, whose number of users exceeds 300,000, is more than $5 billion, with over 1,000 crypto assets circulating among different mainnets.

It is unsurpassed in terms of speed, security and decentralization. Builders can create application layers on top of it to strengthen DeFi composability.

“Multichain now is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time and higher security levels.

Binance Labs возглавила раунд финансирования кроссчейн-протокола Multichain (ранее Anyswap), который привлек $60 млн инвестиций.

📢 Major Announcement #Multichain (previously Anyswap) raises a $60M financing round led by Binance Labs @BinanceLabs @BinanceChain

We look forward to having long-standing and deep cooperation with all supporters to achieve the common vision for #web3

— Multichain (Previously Anyswap) (@AnyswapNetwork) December 21, 2021

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Part of Springer Nature. Liquid staking protocol pSTAKE raises $10M from notable cryptocurrency venture capital firms and angel investors Even more, the great crypto exchange, Binance is also building a stronger relationship with the cross-chain protocol. On Monday, December 20, Multichain announced that it now officially recommended as a tool to bridge bToken across chains via Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Binance’s smart contract platform.

More from Multichain“Multichain now is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time, and higher security levels.

So let us get started right away.

What is Binance Chain (BC)?

The exchange introduced the Binance Chain to the crypto world in April of 2019, and the main focus of the Binance Chain was to provide a decentralized and ultra-fast trading option. Along with the launch of the Binance Chain, they also launched DEX to give higher outputs.

What Binance intended to change by introducing the Binance chain was the poor user experience provided by other DEXs.

Binance wanted to give the best user experience and layout the users with professional transactions. But Binance Chain has not yet reached its most updated version.

So as of now Binance Chain only provides a decentralized trading option.

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