Mint Up To 5 OG Cats here: https://mint.ogcats.io/

Website: https://ogcats.io/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ogcatsnft

Tell them Blockchain Brown Sent You!

CATGEM Utilities Token!
Access. Holders will benefit from all future NFT launches through early access, airdrops and rewards.
Crossbreeding experiment. First in NFT land! 🔥 OG Cats will be able to crossbreed with other NFT collections. First collection TBA.
Cloning. Holders can also clone their OG Cat to mint an OG Kitten. The art will be just as incredible, but a little cuter.
Yield $CATGEMS and $CATNIP tokens. The utility tokens will be needed to mint a range of valuable new NFTs including land.
Access to Blue chip communities: Neo Tokyo, BAYC, CyberKongz. OG Cats community wallet will be used to buy into Blue chip projects.
Early access to in-game NFTs: land, tools, upgrades.

Mint Up To 5 OG Cats here: https://mint.ogcats.io/

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