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For example, in response to a 2018 CleanTechnica article, he responded on Twitter, “Pace of innovation is all that matters.”

Pace of innovation is all that matters in the long run

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 26, 2018

That innovation is in Tesla’s factories, in its cars and batteries, in the software you find throughout the company’s factories and products, and in the way Tesla approaches problems of all sorts.

Today, though, the story is about the idea that “Tesla’s long-term competitive advantage will be manufacturing.”

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This is a historical and personal matter that we’ll perhaps get to another time, but the key point for today is that Elon primarily works on Tesla’s engineering problems. He is strongly averse to marketing. (Though, he is admittedly a phenomenal natural marketer.) He is clearly savvy when it comes to finances as well, but he is much more interested in helping to find engineering solutions than spending his time on elaborate financial wizardry. (Another Zach is now responsible for that.)

“Yeah, vast majority of what I do everyday is hardcore engineering across many disciplines. I’m chief engineer at both SpaceX and Tesla. That would be a more accurate title than CEO.”

So, forthwith, we shall refer to Elon Musk as Tesla Chief Engineer and CEO.

In the meanwhile, the coin raised above the $40K threshold again. Do those two-event connect? It seems that he’s a person who can slap and flip the poor crypto. Just a month ago, Tesla’s CEO made Bitcoin to drop drastically.

However, Bitcoin doesn’t live by Musk alone.
Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy is buying more and more. They sold around $488 million offerings of secured notes, which will be used for investing in Bitcoin.


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Polkadot’s Curve Ball (NYSE:BLL): The Coin Has Risen by More Than 15% After It Was Launched on Coinbase Pro

Altcoins are going in green steadily.
Today, the best result was shown by Polkadot.

Microstrategy 40k elon musk tesla spacex and the quest for a fantastic future

In fact, it seems that one of Tesla’s best traits from a business perspective is its obsession with improving capital efficiency.

Many of those improvements come from improving softwaresystems in the factories. And this is what gets to a third interesting point about Elon’s statement that “Tesla’s long-term competitive advantage will be manufacturing.” It’s in the software, stupid! (I’m not actually calling you stupid — this is an allusion to a famous political statement coined by James Carville in 1992.)

The short conversation Elon and I recently had about the machine that builds the machine actually originated with a line about software. We had been discussing Tesla’s Autopilot team, which I learned included a bit more than 100 hardware engineers and nearly 200 software engineers.

Microstrategy 40k elon musk tesla-3

It is counter-intuitive,” Elon added.

It’s true — when you think about a factory, you think about people and big machines building things in a simple, repetitive fashion. You don’t think about white collar office workers. We’ve had factories for far longer than we’ve had the Internet. One does not naturally think, “Oh, I bet there’s a ton of software making that factory run efficiently.” However, that is the case.

How much is software involved in a Tesla factory versus a competing automaker’s factory? Who knows? I didn’t get any specific ratios or figures from Elon.

It was just implied that Tesla’s software focus and software advantages extend far beyond the cars, and are perhaps even more important when it comes to building and running factories — the machines that build the machines.

Elon has previously talked about the factory being the true product.

Microstrategy 40k elon musk teslacigs

Though, the phrase “panel gap” was not coined in 2012 and exists because problems with panel gaps long predated Tesla.)

There is much less industry derision regarding Tesla’s manufacturing experience than there used to be, and perhaps the consensus has even turned a corner and is acknowledging Tesla’s talent in this field thanks to progress in Shanghai, Berlin, and back in the United States, but Elon Musk’s opinion is that the world still doesn’t understand how disruptive Tesla will be when it comes to manufacturing innovation.

Another notable comment on Tesla manufacturing — in particular, Tesla’s manufacturing growing pains — came in a recent CleanTechnica interview Alex Voigt conducted with Peter Mertens, the former Head of R&D for Audi and former Board Member of Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Jaguar Land Rover.

All triple stacked charts below evaluate the price performance, sentiment score change, and tweet volume change starting from 6 hours before the tweet is published up until 24hrs afterwards.

Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweets

First let’s start by looking at a chart of Bitcoin price vs tweet volume with Elon’s tweets overlaid on top. We can quickly see that the majority of his tweets have been in recent weeks as the price of BTC has trended down from $60k to $40k.

The table below shows all of Musk’s tweets that are related to Bitcoin, with some additional stats such as 24hr/Max/Min returns, tweet volume change, and sentiment change.

Volatility says the top is NOT in

Finally, for one hedge fund manager, there is nonetheless no sign of a Bitcoin price top.

Alongside data from Bloomberg Intelligence, Dan Tapeiro, founder and CEO of DTAP Capital, volatility is simply too low to suggest that this is a local ceiling.

“Bitcoin has never topped with volatility this low. Massive upside still ahead. Twtr sht termers too negative,” he said in part of a Twitter discussion on Monday.

He added that despite Saylor and MicroStrategy, corporate adoption in the United States was “unlikely” but that Bitcoin was still the “biggest macro event of all time.”

Countries like El Salvador, in addition, have huge potential to stage copycat moves.

Tapeiro drew attention to Bloomberg’s assertion that $100,000 in 2021 would be a “meager” target for BTC/USD.

Bitcoin volatility vs.

The world of digital coins and blockchains is back to normal, as we can see from the amount of interesting various news coming up every day. Whales are holding, Musk is hodling, altcoins are surging – everything back to normal. Only one thing is unique – UEFA European Championship is going on – which influenced even the crypto world.

Find in the digest:

  • Musk and Saylor push Bitcoin higher again
  • Polkadot experienced a jump after Coinbase Pro launch
  • Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Supported Bitcoin
  • UEFA Euro is on high rotation, so sports tokens and NFTs do
  • The reality of El Salvador

Musk and Saylor Bail Water out of the Boat – Bitcoin is back above $40K – One Captain Should Abandon the Ship

Elon Musk promised to resume accepting bitcoins as payments for Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) if the coin will be based 50% on renewable energy.


“How does that feel? Being underwater in your short position and realizing Saylor is ready to go for a new $500mm shopping spree?” he added, referring to the company’s CEO, Michael Saylor.

At the time of writing, BTC/USD circled $39,500 after hitting local highs of $39,783 on Bitstamp.

BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

Fundamentals reflect miner disarray

Away from on-chain, Bitcoin network fundamentals, meanwhile, look slightly less solid.

As the Bitcoin energy debate rages on, miners continue to face pressure from China in particular, where a shakeout of who is allowed to mine using local energy is underway.

Some see this as a crackdown and even ban on Bitcoin’s major mining power source, while others argue that miners, as ever, will simply adapt to the changes and move elsewhere.

Some people have wondered if that means you’d build factories for others at some point.”

Musk responded, “I just mean that we productize the factory as a giant machine that we design ourselves and improve each version, vs just copying other car companies who have contractors & suppliers do all the work (i.e., catalog engineering).”

So, I think that definitively says: drop the idea of Tesla building factories for other companies.

Returning to one of his core philosophical foundations in engineering to try to explain what he meant by that, he added, “Use physics first principles to design the car and the factory together.”

Elon’s deep practical background is in engineering. He relayed that it extends back into his childhood, and not in a small way.

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