Bitcoin 2.0 is up to $0.275 Cents USD in off market trading while Bitxchange readies to automate trades as it comes out of “Soft Launch” as 50,000 attend Miami Bitcoin Conference

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Bitcoin 2.0 is already up to $0.275 cents USD in off-market trading while Bitxchange readies to automate trades as it comes out of “ soft launch “ as 50,000 attend the Miami Bitcoin conference.

If the delay in trading from the new exchange hadn’t occurred then many speculated it would have broken the $1 mark in its first week due to trades yet to go through.

Bitcoin 2.0 officially listed May 28th, exclusively via new exchange “Bitxchange “for initial 60 days. Once it goes onto more exchanges its expected liquidity will expand.

Off-line orders have seen the price rise to $0.275 cents in its first week, and as fully automated trading comes online, which is expected in the coming day’s, it’s expected the price to rise further.

Some industry experts have suggested even mild success could see it achieve a $ 2-$5 price range or possibly $50 within 1-2 years if the market remains supportive.

Bitcoin Conference In Miami

Thousands flocked to Miami from all over the world for Bitcoin 2021, billed as the largest crypto event in history. The conference was also Wynwood’s first big event since the pandemic started.

On day two of the festivities, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins gave the opening remarks to a sold-out crowd.

“This is an entire industry visit,” Cohen Higgins said. “These are businesses. These are financial industries and we want them to have a home and I think Miami-Dade County is the perfect home.”.

City of Miami officials welcomed the conference with open arms, in hopes of becoming the newest big tech hot spot.

County leaders have also created a task force to look into how residents could use cryptocurrency as a form payment for taxes, fees and services.

One of the most anticipated events of the conference was a demo by skateboarding icon Tony Hawk, who gave one of the keynotes on Bitcoin and skateboarding as countercultures that have gone mainstream.

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