Faculty also collaborate with one of the largest Bitcoin mining companies in North America on a teaching case related to the mining of today’s largest cryptocurrency. In a separate collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the researchers analyze the impact of TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled shipping solution jointly developed by Maersk and IBM in 2018.

“Many people may view crypto as only a form of market speculation, but it is also about the use of blockchain for private endeavors such as in the global supply chain through TradeLens,” explains Professor of Business Technology Ola Henfridsson, the Schein Family endowed chair and one of the researchers involved in the study.

The energy toward transformative technology extends to curricula across undergraduate and graduate programs.

Suarez believes the largest Bitcoin conference in the world could further cement Miami’s status as a center for cryptocurrencies.

Proponents believe the Bitcoin price rally was fueled by news of the 2022 conference in Miami. Cryptocurrencies have pushed Miami to completely lean into innovation and put it on the map of America as an innovative city.

Francis Suarez was quoted as saying,

We are going to have 50,000 attendees, and it’s going to be an economic development boom for our city, creating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic incentives for our city.

Mayor Suarez considers cryptocurrencies an important part of the Miami economy; it has helped build a brand of “the most important city in America.”

FXStreet analysts have reviewed Bitcoin price performance over Q1 2022 and believe the asset is ready to breakout.

Miami readies for largest bitcoin in

“The institute will be about bold leadership through the dissemination of knowledge at the executive level, top-level research, and engaged scholarship,” says Business Technology Department Chair and Professor Robert Plant. “We are excited about what is to come, which will involve a closer look at new concepts like smart connected devices and helium tokens.”

Plans also include a one-day academic cryptocurrency and blockchain conference, a hackathon, a speaker series, and short, technical courses for practitioners that seek new or enhanced skills.

Institute programs will complement cutting-edge research already underway at the business school.

Almost every region across the globe has been accepting crypto with open arms. Miami, however, was leading this trend. The city of Florida made immense news for jumping onto the crypto bandwagon.
The Mayor of the city, Francis Suarez soon became a frequent visitor of crypto Twitter following his crypto-friendly approaches. Once again, mayor Suarez was making headlines after he decided to accept all of his salary in Bitcoin [BTC].

Earlier this year, Miami went on to catch the crypto bug.
The city of Florida not only transformed into a crypto-friendly region but also managed to roll out its very own cryptocurrency project, MiamiCoin.

Miami Herbert Business School seizes its role as the leading research and teaching institution in the heart of Miami’s thriving cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. A dynamic ecosystem within the digital technology space flourishes as high startup activity, international reach, and regulatory incentives draw executives, investors, and innovators to the city.

In tune with the growth, Miami Herbert’s governance team and faculty already lead academic programming, research, and initiatives to prepare future leaders and further an understanding of the booming field.

“Crypto and blockchain are allowing for new business models, and a major part of the action is happening every day within our city,” says Miami Herbert Dean John Quelch.

Mayor Suarez has been vocal about his interest in crypto and even spoke at the largest Bitcoin event in June.

Now that the city was extensively involved with Bitcoin, the mayor decided to take things up a notch and pledged to receive his entire salary in BTC.

Miami dives deeper into the crypto-verse

Over the last two years, an array of actors, musicians, as well as sports personalities were seen accepting crypto as salary. While some of them wanted to be paid entirely in crypto, a few others accepted partial payments.

Anthony Pompliano aka Pomp noted that there were no politicians in America that were open to accepting crypto for salary. Therefore, putting forth this question, Pomp tweeted,

It is time.

The recent consolidation was consistent with the pullback following Q2 2020 and Q1 2021 bull run.

Analysts believe Bitcoin price trend continues to remain overwhelmingly bullish despite remaining largely unchanged over the first quarter of 2022. After evaluating the average return in Q2 over the past ten years, analysts argue that a 43.38% gain sets the target at $65,288.

In 2022, investors need to watch out for two key price levels in Bitcoin, $101,856, that follows the $100,000 psychological barrier for the asset, a 347% gain from April 2022 prices.

Historically, Bitcoin price breaks out in April every year, starting a rally that extends into June and July.

Undergraduate students get an early introduction through regular content and electives, and additional coverage as fintech majors or scholars of the Foote Fellows Honors Program.

At the graduate level, electives span themes in technology and innovation, the Internet of Value, programming for distributed systems, cloud technology, management of digital transformation, and coming soon, smart contracts and product management. The concentrated classes cover critical topics such as risk assessment, regulatory limitations, and Web 3.0, giving MBA and specialized master’s students the skills necessary for coveted product management roles.

“MBA students learn that they need to be able to speak to data scientists, to the people who develop new technologies and products, while at the same time seeing how to transform their work into value propositions for customers.

  • Bitcoin price is on track to recover as Miami hosts the world’s largest crypto conference in history.
  • Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami, believes cryptocurrency has wholly led to innovation and fueled the city’s success.
  • Analysts believe Bitcoin price could resume its uptrend after brief profit-taking by investors.
  • Bitcoin price could breakout soon as analysts believe recent bearishness represents a brief period of profit-taking that is about to end. Miami is hosting the world’s largest crypto conference in 2022, fueling a bullish narrative among investors.

    Bitcoin price on track to recover as Miami prepares for crypto conference

    Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, believes cryptocurrency has propelled the city into a technology hub.

    Who is going to be the first American politician to accept their salary in bitcoin?— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) November 2, 2021

    While his comments section was filled with suggestions, mayor Suarez took things into his own hands and affirmed that he would take his next paycheck in Bitcoin. His tweet read,

    “I’m going to take my next paycheck 100% in bitcoin…problem solved! @Sarasti can you help?”

    Replying to the same, Mike Sarasti tweeted,

    “Already sent over @ln_strike link to register.

    My experience receiving a portion of my pay last week went flawlessly. And Mayor already scaling my “pilot” to 💯 allocation.

    Boss move.”

    It was further noted that the mayor of the city earns about $187,500 and was ready to receive his next paycheck in Bitcoin.

    We have prepared well for the intensity of activity by developing a well-respected business technology department and supporting our local community through the highest level of educational and scholarly resources.”

    Among the major developments, Quelch and the business technology faculty prepare to reposition the School’s Intelligent Computer Systems Research Institute. The re-imagined center will focus on research, case studies, and executive development within AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and related intelligent systems.

    With secured initial funding, the leadership team is currently recruiting a director and forming an advisory board for a tentative launch this fall.

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