The disingenuous statements made to the Court by Meta underscores Genedics’ belief that Meta is trying to pull the wool over the Court’s eyes and is not approaching their defense of this case in good faith. This overt and calculated duplicity is why Genedics’ believes that the requested relief is entirely appropriate.”

When raising the point about Meta Company’s appearance at a recent conference, the attorney references a report (including screenshots) published by Next Reality in March in which Solidworks World attendees are shown using the Meta 2 headset.

“Meta cannot speak with a forked tongue and have it both ways,” writes deBruin.

It cannot willfully violate the Court’s order.”— David W. deBruin, Genedics’ attorney

“Meta asserted that the company had ‘sold all of its assets to a third party’ and was ‘insolvent.’ However, just two days later Meta issued a directly contradictory public-facing press release on January 11, 2019, indicating that ‘the company remains in full operation and continues to develop, sell and support its products working with a team of engineers and product specialists,’ deBruin writes, later in the filing.

“Meta offered a similar bait and switch move in its most recent statement to the Court on February 10, 2019, in which Meta indicated that it ‘was unable to retain counsel’ because of its financial condition while at the same time participating in an industry event promoting the very products that are alleged to infringe.

US20200279643, describes a method for using deep learning techniques to determine the size of a medical device to implant in a patient. The method uses a model for classifying the implantation site and the medical device size.
The figure below illustrates the classification system.

Novartis Seeks a Patent for the Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis using IL-17 Antagonists

U.S. patent application, US20200276305, discloses a method for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis through the subcutaneous administration of an IL-17 antibody or antigen-antibody fragment, wherein the IL-17 antibody is secukinumab.

Roche Pursues a Patent for a Hand-Held Device for Testing Blood Glucose Levels

U.S. patent application, US20200275868, describes a hand-held meter arrangement for testing blood glucose levels.

  • Remove any zero-padding from the number (all preceding zeroes)
  • Examples:

    • 5661 (original #: 00005661)
    • 198785 (original #: 00198785)

    Serial Number

    1. Add a second identifier for patents that list a serial number at the head of the text
      • Choose “Government Documents Number” from the drop-down list
      • Write out the number as 02/######


    • Patent Number: 447374
    • Government Documents No.: 02/354853


    Display Note

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    2. Quote any special statements from the top of the text (e.g., for a serial number or acceptance date)


    Display Note:

    • “Application filed June 9, 1890.


  • Thos. = Thomas
  • Wm. = William
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    • Name: Thomas, George C.Info: Geo. C. Thomas
    1. If necessary, add additional name entries after the place-holders (e.g., for a second inventor)
    2. Choose the appropriate type/role from the drop-down menus


    • Assignee
    • Inventor
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    • Allgaier, George E.
    • Donovan, I.

    SKIP pages mismatched” or “Garden-Hose – SKIP inventor is not from Texas” – and leave the patent hidden without completing the record


    1. Look at the pages of the patent and enter information step-by-step into each field as described below
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        • Publisher– United States.

    Meta присоединилась к Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), пообещав сделать свои основные криптопатенты бесплатными для всех. В состав группы входят, среди прочего, Block, Coinbase, Kraken, MicroStrategy и Uniswap.

    Материнская компания Facebook Meta присоединилась к Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), группе, которая призывает к открытым патентам, когда речь идет о технологиях, связанных с криптографией и блокчейном.
    Группаопубликовала пост31 января, приветствуя гиганта социальных сетей и сообщая, что Шейн О’Рейли будет представлять Meta.

    Аналитический портал

    Как член COPA, Meta не будет применять патенты на основные криптовалюты против кого бы то ни было — за исключением соображений защиты. Это означает, что любые патенты за пределами этого условия будут бесплатными для всех.

    За последние несколько лет интерес Meta к криптопространству стал очевиден.

    Meta has joined the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), pledging to make its core crypto patents free for everyone to use. The group counts Block, Coinbase, Kraken, MicroStpricegy, and Uniswap as members, among others.

    Facebook parent company Meta has joined the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), a group that calls for open patents while it comes to crypto and blockchain-related technologies.

    The group published a post on Jan 31, welcoming the social media giant and saying that Shayne O’Reilly would represent Meta.

    As a member of COPA, Meta will not enforce core token patents likewisest anyone — except for defensive reasons. This means that any patents outside of this condition will be free for anyone to use.

    Meta’s interest in the crypto space has been apparent these past few years.

    First with its Diem initiative, that happened before its rebranding to Meta.

    It was a long time coming, but we finally have a meaningful conclusion to the legal case against augmented reality startup Meta Company.

    On Tuesday, the United States District Court for the District of Delaware granted a permanent injunction against Meta Company and its founder Meron Gribetz.

    • Don’t Miss: The Future of Augmented Reality Mainstream Adoption

    In January, Next Reality first broke the news that Meta Company was insolvent and was in the process of shutting down and selling off its assets. We found the details of the company’s financial troubles buried in documents responding to a patent infringement lawsuit from Genedics against Meta Company.

    Now, after months of the failed attempts by the court to get Meta Company and its founder to engage the legal process further, Judge Christopher J.

    Dorsey stated that the group also aims to “help the crypto community defend against patent aggressors and trolls.”

    In 2021, COPA has sued the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright for his attempts to copyright the white paper for Bitcoin — which is an issue that the crypto community has been facing for years.

    Sills remarked that Meta is the largest patent holder in COPA thus far. He said that “it signifies that crypto is becoming a core technology to businesses across industries.”

    Facebook-backed digital currency project Diem was recently sold to bank holding company Silvergate Capital.


    Metadata summary view

    no illustration no numbered pages date filedDressing Millstones.

    Metadata summary view

    quoted text in content descriptionImproved Method of Feathering the Sails of Vanes of Windmills.

    Metadata summary view

    two inventors abbreviated name (witness)Improvement in Propelling Vessels.

    Metadata summary view

    no city listedPlow.

    Metadata summary view

    assignor/assignee serial number two places application datePeach-Parer.

    Metadata summary view

    applicant is not inventorPlow.

    Metadata summary view

    two serial numbers application/renewal dateCotton-Sack Carrier.

    Metadata summary view

    two inventors witnesses for each signature application/renewal date

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