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Were you looking for the original Maximilian from Evil Genius?

Maximilian Von Klein is a returning character and playable Genius in Evil Genius 2.

He is voiced by Glen McCready.


Maximilian’s appearance has been mostly unchanged from his original appearance from the first Evil Genius. His face has been made a lot smoother and his nose is much more curved. But besides that his appearance is mostly the same.

He failed to take over the world in the first game. After which, he seems to have become a lot more greedy, as evident with his inner sanctum being made of gold. He is able to bring in more gold than the other Geniuses and this is reflected in the powers of his doomsday device (nicknamed the MIDAS device). In the beginning of the game he tries to run for ruler of the world, however this backfires. It is unknown what else his narrative campaign entails.


Being an evil genius, Maximilian is a very corrupt, impatient, selfish, greedy, impulsive and hateful individual. He is however, very smart, cunning and well accomplished. He is shown to be highly narcissistic, and shows, at best, contempt for most of his minions. He is not above killing some of his own minions to prove a point, or even no reason at all.

He does however, show a “nicer” and slightly more patient side with some people, especially if he sees that they can be useful. Maximilian has even given some people a second chance to join him when the latter has crossed him. He seems to show some respect for those that are the most helpful to him.


“Maximilian Von Klein owns a lot of things. He even owns you. You might not realize it yet, but he does.

He fancies himself as a maverick inventor, although most of his creations go awry, usually resulting in the death of the person behind the trigger rather than in front of it. It makes no difference to him – weapons are weapons, profit is profit, and other people are disposable. Why else would there be a need for weapons?

Now Maximilian is setting his sights higher than a multibillion dollar corporation. He’ll do whatever it takes – run for president, hold a gun to the world’s head – all in the name of profit. Everything he touches will turn to gold.”


Work harder! – Order minions to prioritize jobs in Maximilian’s vicinity. Cost: 0.2 morale per second. Salaried minions (all minions except workers and technicians) also get a buff for a short time called “Work harder!” which lowers their salary while it’s in-effect.

Train faster – Instantly completes any minion training near Maximilian. Cost: 60 smarts.

Large work force – Max knows when to rely on overwhelming numbers, and when to get a specialist to do the job. Max can earn gold more reliably than anyone else and starts the game with 20 minions rather than the standard 15. This is a permanent upgrade to minion cap, meaning he’ll need less lockers overall. Furthermore, Max pays only 90% salary to all specialist minions of any class.

Max is capable of upgrading his pistol to the Midas pistol. Any minions executed or agents killed with it are turned into golden statues. Which can then be sold. These statues have Heat on them.

Doomsday Device[]

Max’s end goal is to build a doomsday weapon referred to as M.I.D.A.S. and use it to take over the world. Its effects allow it to turn entire buildings into gold, which in turn minions can be sent to retrieve the golden items and add them to your gold reserves. While it is preparing to fire the base will go on alert. During this time, Minions will arm themselves, Tourists will evacuate, and any Agents will do everything they can to prevent it from firing.

M.I.D.A.S. Doomsday device will backfire and also turn some of your minions into golden statues, which can be sold or kept as decoration. This upgrade is tied to the campaign and happens automatically. These statues can be sold for 1000 gold. Warning: These items have Heat on them, and as such, cannot be used in the Casino.


  • Max claims he was a scientist before he became a businessman, as his inventions would always fail. This is a note to how in the original EG, he was intended to act as the Science-based Evil Genius, only for a glitch to prevent those perks.
  • The M.I.D.A.S. device is a reference to King Midas of Greek mythology. Midas was gifted the “golden touch”, which – as the name would imply – granted Midas the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. Midas soon saw this gift as a curse however, as any food or drink also turned to gold, causing him to starve. Midas later attempted to confront his daughter, turning her to gold as well.

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