Welcome to a new series called Making Interactive NFTs. We have made dozens of interactive NFTs on the Tezos blockchain on Teia (from hic et nunc) and (fx)hash. (These could be moved to Ethereum with BeyondNFT.) The interactive NFTs are made with the ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework at https://zimjs.com. You can read about NFTs and minting for Teia and (fx)hash at https://zimjs.com/nft including articles, videos and templates.

In this episode we look at making AIR BALLS which can be found at https://teia.art/DrAbstract.

The series will take you through the JavaScript code for the NFTs. You can see the https://zimjs.com/learn section for more about ZIM to code creativity! Note the ZIM Basics video series there too. All the best, and please join us at https://zimjs.com/discord or https://zimjs.com/slack for questions and community!

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