Lux VR Metaverse are minting their Land Access Cards on Friday 04th Feb 22:00 UTC on Magic Eden.

This was a sleeping giant that originally minted their first NFT in November for 0.99 SOL. I wrap up the AMA (almost 1.5 hours) and tell you some of the information you will want to know.

Grape Protocol Medium

Shill Zine Episode#35

Metaverse Explorer:

Whale’s Tales

The Shill Zine

Defi Land Referral

• Disclaimer: All of the opinions in this video are mine and don’t reflect the opinions of other’s from the communities I am in, I try my best to keep my information up to date, informative, and of course with a little bit of Aussie and may use a little naughty language (apologies ahead of time, my Nanna has told me off – yes)!

• This is not financial Advice

• Remember be safe in Crypto and only purchase Games/NFTs knowing they could potentially be lost with incorrect safety and research. Also only use trusted websites you can source from reputable locations.


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