Luffy wants to revolutionize the crypto-verse by creating a matchless ecosystem combined with an own blockchain.

Terry started Luffy Token in August 2021. Soon developers and crypto enthusiasts started help on the project and the team has been growing ever since

V1 was Luffy, Goku, Chopper and Deku – all similar defi cryptocurrency projects in the Meme Anime Space. We realised the scale and task of the job ahead and started to partner up.

If we wanted realise our potential, we had to collaborate and move during this winter market downturn

We formed the One Alliance in November and started migrating to V2 bringing along Kainet in Febuary 2022. The token migrated on 18th of April and all four projects moved into one.

The work for Migration was a really good peice of work that involved collaboration and desire to deliver for our community. It was truly a team effort the whole team had to work on and are continuiing to work.

The Utilities being brought forward are products the V1 projects were working to deliver and will realise and produce in V2.

● NFT Marketplace – Worlds first NFT marketplace for Anime and Manga related digital art. First planned utility
● Land of Kai – 3D open world P2E game. In cooperation with Kainet token.
● Crypto Academy – A crypto-related online academy where students earn by learning.
● Anime Mask – Advanced DeFi multi-chain platform to buy crypto, stake and more.
● Anime Swap – Create and manage your wallets on the Ethereum blockchain.
● Anime Dext – A powerful web-platform for token charts with unique safety features.
● Multiverse Studio – VR Events where users can participate on several events on the multiverse.
● Luffy Blockchain – A protocol for building & connecting all meme & anime tokens.




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