The CosmicLightningWarrior explains the current situation with the GameStop short squeeze as of March 23, 2022 and talks about the OFFICIAL PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN #LRC and #GME – Loopring $LRC and the Gamestop NFT platform being launched this Q2 2022. WHY IT’S GUNNA START FLYING ANY DAY – HOW HIGH WILL #LRC GO? LRC IS THE PERFECT PLAY ALONGSIDE OF #GME – why I love LRC as a side bet, LOOPRING, THE METAVERSE (THE OASIS FROM READY PLAYER ONE) AND WHAT DFV FIGURED OUT … #GME MOASS IN NOVEMBER? Margin calls by the DTCC or NCSS won’t happen…DRS and/or NFT Dividend for #GME is the way…#Gamestop #Gamestonk Citadel goes full psycho ex-gf and goes on a twitter rampage trying to cover the fact that Ken Griffen LIED and committed perjury LIVE lol. This should absolutely piss you off and is yet another indication that the GME MOASS not only is true, but the MOASS is close. I explain the GME MOASS, where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going in September. A lot of the Space Force think there could be an October GME MOASS Gamestop Squeeze because the price action for GME is about to become extremely volatile (especially with apes direct registering GME with Computershare now!) Compared to the VW Squeeze and the other previous squeezes the GME squeeze is a once in forever situation. With the MACD crossover imminent, the floor is set for 10million a share, and a potential Gamma squeeze is on the way. Hopefully the new NCSS/DTCC rulings will force a margin call and launch this MOASS to Andromeda with 10 million being my personal floor. Although GME is manipulated like none other, the last THREE TIMES the MACD crossed the price has jumped significantly ($108 to $350). #GME Lightning discusses how retail investors own MORE THAN 100% OF THE FLOAT and how this impacts the GME short squeeze, and how the hedge funds like Melvin and Citadel are screwed, and how the entire US Stock Market may collapse. Big banks are selling bonds worth 340 billion total, working long hours over the weekend, and $GME is set to explode at any moment. The GME Short Squeeze originally started to take off in January but was halted by the Robinhood app…but April 2021 could be the beginning of something much much bigger. (this shit is not advice btw)

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