solang – Solidity Compiler for Solana, Substrate, and ewasm

Welcome to Solang, a new Solidity compiler written in rust which uses llvm as the compiler backend. Solang can compile Solidity for Solana, Substrate, and ewasm. Solang is source compatible with Solidity 0.8, with some caveats due to differences in the underlying blockchain.

Solang is under active development right now, and has extensive documentation.


Solang is available as a Brew cask for MacOS, with the following command:

brew install hyperledger-labs/solang/solang

For other operating systems, please check the installation guide.

Simple example

After installing the compiler, write the following to flipper.sol:

contractflipper { boolprivate value; constructor(boolinitvalue) public { value = initvalue; } function flip() public { value =!value; } function get() publicviewreturns (bool) { return value; } }

Build for Solana


solang –target solana flipper.sol

Alternatively if you want to use the solang container, run:

docker run –rm -it -v $(pwd):/sources -v -o /sources –target solana /sources/flipper.sol

A file called flipper.abi and Now install @solana/solidity:

npm install @solana/solidity

Save the following to flipper.js:

const{ Connection,LAMPORTS_PER_SOL, Keypair }=require(‘@solana/web3.js’);const{ Contract, Program }=require(‘@solana/solidity’);const{ readFileSync }=require(‘fs’);constFLIPPER_ABI=JSON.parse(readFileSync(‘./flipper.abi’,’utf8′));constPROGRAM_SO=readFileSync(‘./’);(asyncfunction(){console.log(‘Connecting to your local Solana node …’);constconnection=newConnection(‘http://localhost:8899′,’confirmed’);constpayer=Keypair.generate();console.log(‘Airdropping SOL to a new wallet …’);constsignature=awaitconnection.requestAirdrop(payer.publicKey,LAMPORTS_PER_SOL);awaitconnection.confirmTransaction(signature,’confirmed’);constprogram=Keypair.generate();conststorage=Keypair.generate();constcontract=newContract(connection,program.publicKey,storage.publicKey,FLIPPER_ABI,payer);awaitcontract.load(program,PROGRAM_SO);console.log(‘Program deployment finished, deploying the flipper contract …’);awaitcontract.deploy(‘flipper’,[true],storage,17);constres=awaitcontract.functions.get();console.log(‘state: ‘+res.result);awaitcontract.functions.flip();constres2=awaitcontract.functions.get();console.log(‘state: ‘+res2.result);})();

And now run:

node flipper.js

Build for Substrate


⚠️ Solang was developed against Substrate v3.0. It has been a while since the last time the Substrate target was worked on, which introduced a few known regressions. Currently, the following is known to not work with recent Substrate versions:

  • Function call arguments of type address
  • Function return values of type address
  • Cross-contract calls
  • Events with indexed fields

Maintenance on the Substrate target has now resumed and we are working on fixing these issues.



solang –target substrate flipper.sol

Alternatively if you want to use the solang container, run:

docker run –rm -it -v $(pwd):/sources -v -o /sources –target substrate /sources/flipper.sol

You will have a file called flipper.contract. You can use this directly in the Polkadot UI, as if your smart contract was written using ink!.

Tentative roadmap

Solang has a high level of compatibility with many blockchains. We are trying to ensure the compiler stays up to date with the newest Solidity syntax and features. In addition, we focus on bringing new performance optimizations and improve developer experience. Here is a brief description of what we envision for the next versions.


MilestoneStatusSolana SPL tokens compatibilityCompletedParse and resolve inline assemblyCompletedGenerate code for inline assemblyCompletedSupport Solana’s Program Derived AddressesIn Progress


MilestoneStatusCall Solana’s Rust contracts from SolidityIn progressImprovements in overflow checkingIn progressCall Solidity from Solana’s Rust contractsNot startedImprove parser resilienceNot started


MilestoneStatusImprove management over optimization passesNot startedSpecify values as “1 sol” and “1e9 lamports”In progressAdopt single static assignment for code generationNot started


Apache 2.0

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