In this episode, we sit down with Justin Aversano, the creator of Twin Flames and Co-founder of Quantum Art, an on-chain curation platform focused on photographers and their work. We discuss the differences between the crypto art space and the traditional art world, the case for on-chain photography, the collector’s experience on Quantum Art, and much more!

Show Notes:
(00:00:00) – Introduction.
(00:00:20) – Justin’s background.
(00:01:05) – The traditional art world vs. the crypto art world.
(00:05:29) – The benefits of putting photography on-chain.
(00:07:52) – Will new artists go the traditional route or the crypto route?
(00:09:50) – The motivation behind Twin Flames.
(00:13:37) – The process behind Twin Flames.
(00:19:42) – How photographers can get involved with Quantum Art.
(00:22:21) – The collector’s experience on Quantum Art.
(00:26:13) – Quantum Art’s relationship with artists.
(00:29:30) – Plans for scaling curation.
(00:30:37) – The most rewarding thing about building Quantum Art.
(00:33:30) – What’s next for Quantum Art?
(00:36:49) – Physical spaces vs. online spaces.
(00:41:09) – Bringing films onto Quantum Art.
(00:42:00) – Closing.

Social links:
Justin’s Twitter: @justinaversano
Quantum Art Twitter: @QuantumNFT

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