This is my first live stream! I am covering multiple SOLANA NFTs in this livestream that i bought myself that i think have bullish momentum for the future. (no financial advice)
I will show you how i do some of my research & how to stake some of the SOLANA NFTs.

Excuse me for the misspoken part i am improving my english daily to bring you better content.
I just wanted to get this video out ASAP to share the OPPORTUNITY with the community.

Each Stone Heads is one of a kind, however, some are rarer than others – these rarities have special powers that can unlock physical artwork and experiences. The collection aims beyond the visual and is designed to be a lot more than an NFT drop. One of its utilities is the use as an access card to the first art community on the Solana blockchain. In partnership with leading contemporary art gallery HOFA Gallery and premier NFT platform the Stone Heads collection provides a great opportunity to become part of a wider art community, consisting of contemporary and digital artists. The WL price of 1 SOL is a unique opportunity for an early entry into a community that provides behind the scenes access of different artists, both digital and real-world rewards and access to events & exhibitions.

The link with crypto currency token ARTEM is important to the Stone Heads project, not just for digital art collectors and NFT enthusiasts, but also for crypto traders and investors with interest in disruptive tokenomics and long-term holding benefits. ARTEM Coin as a fungible cross-chain digital token is made especially for the fine art, digital art, and luxury collectables marketplace and global artist communities. It facilitates exclusive access to professionally curated programs and exhibitions by HOFA Gallery and its affiliate brands.

ARTEM Coin can also be used for staking in HOFA Gallery’s elite art community-owned DeFi pool and decentralized autonomous organization HOFA-DAO. Staking of the token provides different levels of rewards, depending on the amount the holder has staked. Rewards change monthly and provide a unique experience and opportunity not just for art collectors and NFT enthusiasts but also for traders and investors.

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