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So far, 2022 has not been the best year for the $2 trillion crypto economy, yet great fortunes are being amassed behind the scenes. Given this industry’s obscurity and volatility, we are presenting our first-ever list of the top 100 richest people in cryptocurrency in net-worth estimates. We based our numbers on estimated holdings of cryptocurrencies (a few provided proof), recorded investments, wallet analytics, post-tax profits from trading crypto-assets, and stakes in blockchain-related businesses. It is almost certain that we have missed some people and some of our estimates might be off, but we are not that far off either.

1. Changpeng Zhao Source: Binance Net-worth: $65 billion2. Sam Bankman-Fried Source: FTX Net-worth: $24 billion3. Brian Armstrong Source: Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) Net-worth: $6.6 billion4. Gary Wang Source: FTX Net-worth: $5.9 billion5. Joseph Lubin Source: Ethereum Net-worth: $5 billion6. Chris Larsen Source: Ripple Net-worth: $4.3 billion7. Cameron Winklevoss Source: Bitcoin Net-worth: $4 billion8. Tyler Winklevoss Source: Bitcoin Net-worth: $4 billion9. Son Chi-hyung Source: Upbit Net-worth: $3.7 billion10. Barry Silbert Source: Digital Currency Group Net-worth: $3.2 billion11. Micree Zhan Source: Bitmain Net-worth: $3 billion12. Brad Garlinghouse Source: Ripple Net-worth: $2.9 billion13. Jed McCaleb Source: Ripple Net-worth: $2.5 billion14. Nikhil Viswanathan Source: Alchemy Net-worth: $2.4 billion15. Joseph Lau Source: Alchemy Net-worth: $2.4 billion16. Devin Finzer Source: OpenSea Net-worth: $2.2 billion17. Alex Atallah Source: OpenSea Net-worth: $2.2 billion18. Fred Ehrsam Source: Coinbase Net-worth: $2.1 billion19. Kim Kyoung-nyon Source: Upbit Net-worth: $1.9 billion20. Jihan Wu Source: Bitmain Net-worth: $1.8 billion21. Vitalik Buterin Source: Ethereum Net-worth: $1.6 billion22. Michael Saylor Source: MicroStrategy Net-worth: $1.6 billion23. Matthew Roszak Source: Crypto Investor Net-worth: $1.4 billion24. Mingxing Xu Source: OKCoin Net-worth: $1.4 billion25. Tim Draper Source: Crypto Investor Net-worth: $1.2 billion26. Mike Novogratz Source: Galaxy Digital Net-worth: $1.2 billion27. Li Lin Source: Huobi Net-worth: $1.1 billion28. Brock Pierce Source: Blockchain Capital Net-worth: $1 billion29. Anthony Di Lorio Source: Ethereum Net-worth: $1 billion30. Justin Sun Source: Tron Net-worth: $1 billion31. Brenden Blumer Source: BlockOne Net-worth: $750 million32. Valery Vavilov Source: Bitfury Net-worth: $750 million33. Dan Larimer Source: BlockOne Net-worth: $700 million34. Charles Hoskinson Source: Cardano Net-worth: $600 million35. Roger Ver Source: Crypto Investor Net-worth: $500 million36. Richard Heart Source: HEX Net-worth: $500 million37. Anatoly Yakovenko Source: Solana Net-worth: $500 million38. Kenji Sasaki Source: Cardano Net-worth: $500 million39. Mihai Alisie Source: Ethereum Net-worth: $500 million40. Jesse Powell Source: Kraken Net-worth: $500 million41. Dan Morehead Source: Pantera Net-worth: $500 million42. Sergey Nazarov Source: Chainlink Net-worth: $500 million43. Greg Solano Source: Yuga Labs Net-worth: $500 million44. Wylie Aronow Source: Yuga Labs Net-worth: $500 million45. Amir Chetrit Source: Ethereum Net-worth: $450 million46. Steve Ellis Source: Chainlink Net-worth: $450 million47. Gavin Wood Source: Ethereum Net-worth: $450 million48. Alexandre Dreyfus Source: Chiliz Net-worth: $450 million49. Johnny Lyu Source: Kucoin Net-worth: $450 million50. Kathleen Breitman Source: Tezos Net-worth: $400 million51. Arthur Breitman Source: Tezos Net-worth: $400 million52. Lin Han Source: Net-worth: $350 million53. Bart Stephens Source: Blockchain Capital Net-worth: $300 million54. Emin Gun Sirer Source: Avalanche Net-worth: $300 million55. Hayden Adams Source: Uniswap Net-worth: $250 million56. O.D. Kobo (Oded Kobo) Source: Blockchain Investor Net-worth: $250 million57. Yi He Source: Binance Net-worth: $250 million58. Esteban Ordano Source: Decentraland Net-worth: $200 million59. Ari Meilich Source: Decentraland Net-worth: $200 million60. Anthony Pompliano Source: Crypto Investor Net-worth: $200 million61. Roham Gharegozlou Source: Dapper Labs Net-worth: $200 million62. Ryder Junji Source: MEXC Net-worth: $200 million63. Beeple Source: NFT Artist Net-worth: $200 million64. Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin Source: Axie Infinity Net-worth: $200 million65. Yawn Rong Source: Stepn Net-worth: $150 million66. Jerry Huang Source: Stepn Net-worth: $150 million67. Yuzo Kano Source: BitFlyer Net-worth: $150 million68. Eric Don Source: Kucoin Net-worth: $150 million69. Metakovan Source: NFT Collector Net-worth: $150 million70. Kris Marszalek Source: Net-worth: $150 million71. Stani Kulechov Source: Aave Net-worth: $150 million72. PAK Source: NFT Artist Net-worth: $150 million73. Brandon Chez Source: CoinMarketCap Net-worth: $120 million74. Peter Smith Source: Net-worth: $100 million75. Gavin Andresen Source: Crypto Investor Net-worth: $100 million76. Top Lan Source: Kucoin Net-worth: $100 million77. Jaynti Kanani Source: Polygon Net-worth: $100 million78. Sandeep Nailwal Source: Polygon Net-worth: $100 million79. Arthur Madrid Source: Sandbox Net-worth: $100 million80. Sebastien Borget Source: Sandbox Net-worth: $100 million81. Anurag Arjun Source: Polygon Net-worth: $100 million82. Ethan Kyuntae Kim Source: Hashed Net-worth: $100 million83. Ryan Sungho Kim Source: Hashed Net-worth: $100 million84. Mike Coral Source: Crypto Investor Net-worth: $100 million85. Antoni Trenchev Source: Nexo Net-worth: $100 million86. John Chen Source: MEXC Net-worth: $100 million87. Mike Belshe Source: BitGo Net-worth: $75 million88. Charlie Shrem Source: Bitcoin Investor Net-worth: $60 million89. Javier Sim Source: Bithumb Net-worth: $50 million90. Andreas Antonopoulos Source: Bitcoin Evangelist Net-worth: $50 million91. Sunny Lu Source: VeChain Net-worth: $50 million92. Fewocious Source: NFT Artist Net-worth: $50 million93. Jake Brukhman Source: CoinFund Net-worth: $50 million94. Eric Young Source: NFT Collector Net-worth: $50 million95. Balaji Srinivasan Source: Coinbase Net-worth: $50 million96. Myunghun Cha Source: Coinone Net-worth: $50 million97. Nader Al-Naji Source: Crypto Entrepreneur Net-worth: $45m98. Ben Zhou Source: Bybit Net-worth: $45 million99. Star Xu Source: OKEX, Okcoin Net-worth: $40 million100. Allen Wei Source: LBank Net-worth: $25 million

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