Is Spotify building an NFT integration for all artists?

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Spotify has recently announced that it will be joining the likes of Reddit, Meta, and Twitter by integrating NFTs into its platform. It is currently testing an NFT gallery integration with a couple of artists in the United States to see how it is received.

Despite the fact that the overall crypto market has cooled in recent months, NFTs remain a formidable technology with massive potential.

So will this new Spotify integration go the distance? Or will it be another tested product that doesn’t make the cut?

Let’s dig into why Spotify is adding an NFT gallery to artist profiles.

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Join our Discord
1:00 – Spotify announces NFTs
1:42 РHow Spotify’s NFT integration works
2:41 – Why is Spotify doing this?
3:21 – What does this NFT integration look like?
4:02 – Will Spotify make this permanent?
4:37 – The broader NFT market
5:26 – What do you think?
5:50 – Outro

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