Invisible Friends NFT Review (Biggest NFT of 2022?)

The Invisible Friends project has quickly become one of the most hyped projects in the NFT space it is being launched by Random Character Collective, the Invisible Friends Project is one of their most anticipated NFT projects due to launch next month, they’ve partnered with digital artist Markus Magnusson.

Will the Invisible Friends be able to become one of the biggest NFT projects in the space or will they fail like many other NFT projects?

For people that want to get on the whitelist for the invisible friends here are some way:

• 50 people who buy the presale merch bundle will be randomly selected and automatically added to the whitelist
• One way is if a user holds Mood Rollers or SlimHoods NFTs, they can easily get included in the whitelist.
• Another way is to retweet or submits artworks related to the project

I appreciate you checking out the video!



Introduction 0:00
Overview 0:27
Social Influence 1:14
Team 3:06
Price 8:07
Future 9:18

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