GSS’ 10-or-so years of lost revenue they spent creating it. The unprecedented success of the OASIS made Halliday one of the wealthiest people in the world.

After Halliday’s death the OASIS continued to evolve and grow in popularity, protected from takeover attempts and legal challenges by the ironclad terms of Halliday’s will and the army of lawyers he had tasked with administering his estate.


While obtaining and booting up the game costs only 25 cents (one quarter) to use and operate (an homage to the video games of the 1980s which only required one quarter to run per game), in-game vending, travel between worlds and zones, and almost everything else costs additional in-game fares.

Worlds and Zones

  • OASIS Worlds and Zones

The universe of the OASIS is split into 27 sectors each 10 light hours across, arranged like a Rubik’s cube.

What does oasis stand for in ready player one

In 2017, bad things just happen, and no one is ever, ever held accountable. The president is a demented sexual predator, O.J. Simpson won his parole hearing, Mark Zuckerberg is going to buy his way into politics — and we have no recourse.

All we can do is watch and despair as our delusions of meritocracy and “the right side of history” are proven untenable. But there is a case for optimism. As the Alcoholics Anonymous adage goes, the only way out of a downward spiral is to hit rock bottom.
Thankfully, Steven Spielberg has agreed to direct a film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, and not a moment too soon.

The Ready Player One trailer, screened late last month at Comic-Con, smartly papers over its source material’s flaws with a generous helping of Michael Bay-style CGI chaos.

In ready player one what does oasis stand for

  • A Rubix-cube like contraption that when activated, rolls time back 60 seconds.
  • A bomb that kills every single person in specified sector in the movie, but in the book it is only contained to a planet but also takes out all scenery until the server reset.
  • A robotic arm that when equipped, turns the player into a robot for 120 seconds.
  • Trivia

    • The phrase “Ready Player One” appears during the log-in sequence of the game. Programmed by James Halliday himself, the phrase was included as an homage to the simulation’s ancestors; the coin-operated video games of the 1980s.
    • Replacing the internet, the OASIS is now the world’s largest public library, providing free access to every book ever written, every song ever recorded and every movie, television show, video game, and piece of artwork ever created.

    In ready player one what does oasis stand for a

    Here are the biggest ones. Beware: Many spoilers ahead.

    Getting to Know Wade

    1. Time Spent in the Real World

    Cline’s book spends its earliest chapters diving into the state of the real world (not great) and how Wade functions inside of it (also not great).
    Much of the book’s first hundred pages actually take place in and around Wade’s school, which not only functions as a way to introduce the way the world works now (every school is set in OASIS, for one thing) but what kind of person Wade is when he’s not tooling around for fun in the virtual reality environment that serves as his only real refuge.

    In ready player one what does oasis stand for the

    Egg to be undertaken by so-called “gunters” who are required to steep themselves in all the stuff Halliday loved as a kid. The prize? Whoever wins, gets to own the OASIS. And considering how bad the real world is, the OASIS is pretty much the only good thing left.

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    Both Cline’s book and Spielberg’s film are mission-driven stories mostly set in the wild world of the OASIS, but there are a few major changes between the page and the screen.

    In ready player one what does oasis stand for it

    It briefly communicates that the plot has something to do with virtual reality or, like, technology or something, but the main attraction is the 90-second montage of slow-mo car chases and robot laser battles. (All set to classic rock standards, of course.) At first, the trailer seems relatively innocuous, at least by the exceedingly low standards of 2010s blockbusters; it could easily be mistaken for a Transformers spinoff or a new DC/Marvel cash grab in the vein of Suicide Squad.

    But a quick perusal of the ecstatic press response to Ready Player One’s trailer reveals something far more insidious. Articles with titles like “A Breakdown of All the Clues, ’80s References, and Surprises in the Ready Player One Trailer” abound, as do 15-minute YouTube videos meticulously dissecting the CGI puke in search of recognizable characters.

    Take them away, and there’s not much left.

    As the creator of OASIS and the source of the hidden treasure, the tech auteur James Halliday looms over the book like a deity. Besides being a partial stand-in for Ernest Cline himself, Halliday’s character combines the worst traits of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Kim Dotcom.
    He made his software humanity’s sole project, amassing untold billions as the world decayed around him. Even upon his death at age 67, those billions failed to find their way to the masses huddling in trailer parks and slums.
    Instead, Halliday kept his fortune hidden for years behind a labyrinth of Atari challenges, accessible not to the needy, but to those willing to indulge his ego and his juvenile obsessions. Despite Cline’s portrayal of Halliday as a lovable eccentric, he represents Silicon Valley at its most sociopathic.

    The immersion rig at Wade Watts’s apartment also featured a “smell tower” which replicated to smells within the OASIS.

    Additional Items obtainable

    Some additional items obtainable that we see in the movie are:

    1. The Holy Hand Grenade
    2. X1 Haptic Bootsuit
    3. Zumeckis Cube
    4. Cataclyst
    5. Gregarious 120 (Gregarious Games item; obtainable only by artifact hunt on Planet Doom. (Sector 12))

    Description for each item:

    1. A grenade that when thrown, proceeds to blow up a massive area
    2. A haptic suit that can be used as armour in fights, and can be used to feel touch and sensations inside the OASIS.

    Cline’s appeal as an author. After all, the title itself is a reference to Pac-Man, and much of the marketing was done through outlets like BoingBoing (whose editor, Cory Doctorow, the book namedrops) and the now-defunct TV channel G4. But Ready Player One goes so far beyond a reasonable reference-to-plot ratio that it often feels more like binge-reading 1980s-related Wikipedia articles than reading a novel. The vast majority of these references are superfluous to the narrative, which means their only purpose is to elicit the most primitive of responses: I recognize that thing. Many passages in Ready Player One resemble the satirical monologues from American Psycho (“When Sports came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically…”), but without an iota of irony.

    Rex from Spielberg’s own “Jurassic Park.” When the film opens, the race has never been won — no one has yet managed to push through to the finish line — and it restarts at various times, giving eager players repeated chances to win. It also gives Spielberg the chance to trot out all kinds of references, and even a glimpse at the sea of cars in the race is rife with pop culture gems: Wade and his precious DeLorean, Aech and his Bigfoot monster truck, Christine from Stephen King’s book of the same name, a motorcycle from “Akira,” and even the van from the A-Team.

    “Ready Player One”

    Courtesy of Warner Bros.


    In the book, winning a Key isn’t the final step of completing a challenge, because the Keys only unlock a “gate” that leads to yet another challenge (yes, this is a bit confusing). The movie does away with that. Win a Key, win a challenge.


    Getting the Jade Key

    Doing away with gate challenges in the film also effectively wipes out some of Cline’s more vivid games, like the first gate challenge that sees players having to recite the entirety of the movie “War Games” to earn the Jade Key. Finding the Jade Key in the film is a very different experience.

    The book required players to complete a text adventure game called “Zork” (to get the Key) and then unlock a Voight-Kampff machine from “Blade Runner,” play a game of “Black Tiger,” and untwist some Rush trivia (to unlock the gate).

    Spielberg’s movie simplifies all that.

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