In this video I show you guys how to store NFTs on a ledger hardware wallet (Nano S, Nano X, or the new Nano S+) and give you a full troubleshooting guide of any of the errors you might run into (I think I ran into an issue at every possible step of getting my NFTs into my Ledger Nano S+).

If you have some troubleshooting issue that I didn’t cover in this video, or if I went through something too quickly please leave a comment or DM on Twitter @rhettre and I’ll try to help you get unstuck 😁

🔑 Secure your Crypto with Ledger Nano S+ the best affordable hardware wallet (or my favorite wallet the Ledger Nano X):

🌩Protect your Private Key with the CryptoTag Zeus Titanium Seed Storage:

🎥 How to set up Ledger Hardware Wallet:

🐵 How to Store NFTs on Ledger (Nano S/X/S+): Full Troubleshooting Guide

🧬 How to set up Polygon Network in Metamask:

⛽️ How to turn on advanced gas controls Metamask:

🙈 How to Enable blind signing on Ledger:

⚠️ Article that sending ERC721 error can be ignored:

Background 0:00
Attempt One 1:41
Network Details Don’t Match 3:23
Attempt Two 4:01
Insufficient Funds 4:12
Funding MetaMask 4:35
Transferring MATIC to ETH Wallet 4:59
Bridge MATIC ETH to Polygon 5:53
Attempt Three 6:49
Buying MATIC From MetaMask 7:49
Attempt Four 9:53
Advanced Fee Control 10:11
Update Ledger Firmware 10:42
Setting Higher Fees 10:58
Losing My Sanity 11:54
NFT Doesn’t Show in Ledger 12:08
Enable Blind Signing 12:38
How to View NFTs in Ledger Live 12:55
Confirming NFT on Polyscan 13:34
Updating Ledger Live 14:08
Minting Your Own NFT 14:30
Transfer NFT Success 15:38
Lessons Learned 16:40
Removing my Lost NFT 17:47
Unstoppable Domain in Ledger Live 19:09
Too Long Didn’t Watch 20:33
Takeaways 21:46

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