Beast.eth here, NO LONGER LOST NFTs, PLEASE!!

I will walk you through the NFT security and how to protect your NFTs and stay safe in this Metaverse world. Squeezed hours into 15 minutes and hope you will learn a lot and have fun! You will see real life examples where hackers wanted to scam myself and when millions of dollars worth of NFTs were stolen… For only one reason – to learn and to help you stay safe and prevent the attacks!

This video is divided into two parts:
1) Technical part
2) Social Engineering and real life NFT scams examples

Technical Part covers:
– what is an nft

– where is the token
– where is the image

– public key
– private key

– crypto wallet

– software wallet

– hardware wallet
– seed phrase

– passphrase

– decoy wallet

– vault wallet

Social Engineering (Practical Part) covers:
– discord hacked
– fake link

– fake mint

– fake domain

– fake marketplace

– fake giveaway
– approve all signature

– do it quickly
– you are lucky

– too good to be true

Recommended NFT security twitter thread by Punk6529:

If this video helps to save at least one NFT wallet it is a mission success. Hope it will! Enjoy, have fun and stay safe!

Disclaimer: None of this is meant to be construed as investment or security advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. I am not a security expert. You are always responsible for your assets. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

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