WIN NFT HORSE brings more closely at the concept of Play-to-earn and a new hold to earn, hold to play, and play-to-earn platform.WIN NFT HORSE is attempting to redefine the meaning of GameFi.Players can breed, compete, collect and buy and sell their horses.WIN NFT HORSE is an open horse racing game. WIN NFT HORSE development team will work with the community to build rich features for related game assets.
Win NFT Horse is a “DeFi + NFT” horse racing game created by TRON in conjunction with APENFT and WINKLink. Combining the game with “NFT + DeFi” through blockchain technology is to create a Win NFT Horse game ecosystem. Everyone can enjoy the Win NFT Horse game through interesting gameplay, and earn token rewards by contributing to the ecosystem. Players can breed, compete, collect and trade their horses.
WIN and APENFT studio is a crypto gaming company that develops world-class games and give control and ownership to the players through the use of cryptocurrency.

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