how to launch an ico

There’s nothing more devastating than being faced with a competition that does exactly the same thing as yours at the exact same time.

Research on the legal front

This is possibly the trickiest and the most cumbersome process in launching an ICO. The legal regulations governing anything related to crypto, in most jurisdictions, have been quite uncertain. It is not a problem as long as it is like China or South Korea that have completely banned ICOs or if it is like the United States where it is highly regulated.

Wherever you launch in ICO, ensure that you are in complete legal compliance without any lapses on your part.

How to launch an ico

In simple words, an ICO website should contain:

  • Subscription Form
  • Presentation Video
  • A Complete Roadmap
  • An informative description of ICO
  • The Team
  • The Whitepaper
  • Use cases
  • Contact Information

Additionally, it is important to have a user-friendly ICO Dashboard. A Dashboard where users can navigate easily across pages will be beneficial. You can make use of the premium ICO website Script. In this case, to create an ICO website as expected by the users, you can prefer bug-free ICO Script software which helps to launch your own ICO platform with peculiar features.

Market your ICO Website

So, you have done everything from your end. Let me explain to you about ICO Marketing.

How to launch an ico

Pre-ICO launch service helps crypto investors to buy the necessary tokens at a discounted price before the public sale. At the initial stage, the price of the crypto token will be very lower. The transparency in the fundraising and the number of tokens issued is the most essential.

So, another smart contract is usually used for pre-ICO launch. That smart contract can help avoid mixing the funds obtained through a Pre-ICO offering and ICO.

Pre-ICO launch plays a vital role to ultimately launch a successful ICO website. Pre-ICO fundraising can be recognized as reward crowdfunding.
Therefore, many direct investments in a project are crowdfunding in return for the promise of some type of return on investment or reward.

How to launch an ico on ethereum

For this reason, you will need to have security specialist and support executives always on standby to address any untoward issues.

Beyond the launch

Most people would consider launching the ICO to be the final step, but there is one more that reminds – getting your tokens on the exchange. Even when you strategize the initial steps of your ICO, it should not be forgotten that the tokens find their Nirvana in being listed on a crypto exchange. Each exchange has its own set of requirements and, as an ICO token issuer, you will need to act in the best interests of your investor, so they receive their returns and benefits.


As you may have inferred from the above paragraphs, launching an ICO might be straightforward but it requires extensive work to be done on the legal and a technical fronts.

How to launch an ico token

Start-ups and even tech behemoths are creating newer currencies in blockchain due to this increased acceptance and this is now creating a huge new ecosystem of Initial Coin Offering or ICO. Lets see a bit about what ICO is before jumping into how to start ICO.Need help to stage your project in ICO ?

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Schedule a callSo, what is ICO?

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is like the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of blockchain currencies. With an IPO, you get to buy shares of companies which would then utilize those investments to expand the business, improve profits and ultimately, provide you with a stable dividend.
ICO, on the other hand, allows companies to offer a new coin or token in the cryptocurrency market and attract investments to grow the network that accepts these coins.

How to launch an ico in the us

ICO. In the lines below, we have given the most intricate details on how to launch an ICO.

Before we start…

It is to be remembered that an ICO development process is a grand culmination of a lot of talents coming together converging for a unified course. It includes developers, people who specialize in economics and legal dimensions, and a strong marketing and PR team. Needless to say, you will also need to have your own team of advisors, partners, and early investors.

This only goes on to say that even the simplest process in the crypto room also involves a lot of thinking and strategizing, obviously because of the uncertainties involved.

Let us look at the nuances of every stage in uncompromising detail.

It all starts with an idea!

At the end of the day, the ICO is just a fundraising method.

How to launch an ico a detailed guide

The first industry which tops the list of raising a good amount of funds is Network/ Communication. According to ICO Watchlist, around $4,640,447,641 has been raised for about 2.67% of projects to date. Next comes the undeniable Blockchain platform. For 5.51% of projects, the total amount of money raised accounts for $1,688,474,628.

In the future, these numbers would start rising without any doubt. Thirdly, the Financial sector has raised around $428,055,006. Around 12.9% of ICO projects were involved in this.

Not to miss, the Health sector has also adopted Initial Coin Offering in its early days.

The Health domain adopted 3.77% of ICO projects which raised around $276,868,999 in the industry. Additionally, other industries such as the Energy/Utility, and Manufacturing sectors have also adopted ICO’s and have raised millions in seconds.

How to start an ico

Have a Pricing Strategy

Your pricing strategy is determined by your goals and growth expectations. There are four basic pricing options.

Undetermined price– the price is not set, investors receiving an amount of coins in proportion to their contribution.

Fixed price– tokens are bought at a fixed price, but they can be traded only after a freezing period;

Dutch auction– the first coins to be issued are the most expensive, but their value decreases gradually over the investment period.

Price Rise ICO– the fastest investors get the best price for the offered tokens.

Have Precautionary Systems for Investors

There are those that like to take a chance on things, but most investors play it safe and do not want to take on too much rick.

How to run an ico

Creating a Crypto Token

To know how to create an Initial Coin Offering, you should also know about the technical end. So it is time to move to the Technical side. You have your idea, you have a Whitepaper with a clear explanation of your project, you have a killer set of an expert team, now it is time to create your own crypto token. Technical Architecture plays a great role in developing a successful ICO.

Different structures work for different ICOs. For instance, in the year 2013, NXT, the popular Blockchain Platform managed to raise $16,800 worth of Bitcoin just with BitcoinTalk Forum alone.

7.Launch an ICO Website

If you are not sure about launching your own ICO website, then here we have given our opinions to help you with ICO Website Development. To grab your potential investors, it is a must to design an intuitive yet informative ICO website.

How to open an ico file

  • Finally, at the bottom line of the website provide links to your social media forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube
  • While security remains to be the topmost concern in an ICO website. Once your ICO starts, the website should be well-planned and should carry the complexity & scalability. Your ICO platform should withstand a website crash if, in turn, it happens. Hacking and DDoS attacks are many common threats nowadays.

    There have been many instances of websites being hacked and wallet addresses being replaced. If you are running PR campaigns, take the necessary steps to get rid of phishing attacks. The ICO Website design should be user-friendly and intuitive that satisfies all the expectations of the investor.

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