As crazy as meme coins have been in recent years, NFTs are the most hyped niche in the crypto space. Heck, these digital tokens are so trendy that Collins Dictionary chose “NFT” as its “2021 Word of the Year.”

If that’s not mainstream adoption, what is?

While NFTs are gaining a lot of attention, many investors are scratching their heads over current NFT valuations. Is a virtual pet rock genuinely worth millions of dollars? Are NFTs in a speculative bubble? Or, should we view NFTs as a revolution in art and technology?

If you’re curious about dabbling in NFTs, this post should help guide you through this bewildering asset class. After reviewing the basics of NFTs, we’ll explain a few strategies and considerations before investing in one of these crazy tokens.

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:56 – What are NFTs?
2:27 – How Do NFTs Work?
3:41 – How to Invest in NFTs: Step by Step
4:05 – Step 1: Define Your NFT Investment Strategy
6:42 – Step 2: Perform Market Research on Different NFT Projects
8:47 – Step 3: Choose an NFT Marketplace to Open an Account
10:43 – Step 4: Create a Compatible Digital Wallet
11:42 – Step 5: Fund Your Digital Wallet
13:07 – Step 6: Buy, Bid, or Make an Offer on an NFT
14:02 – Step 7: Store Your NFT in an External Wallet
15:06 – Benefits of Investing in NFTs
15:57 – Downfalls of Investing in NFTs

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