I’m going to walk you through the details of how to get a free NFT with a qualifying ticket purchase to see the movie Moonfall in IMAX. The free Moonfall IMAX NFT promotion from Lionsgate and Autograph will be available in limited quantities to qualifying ticket purchases for the advanced shows of Moonfall in the IMAX format on Thursday February 3rd!

The free Moonfall NFT is available across multiple chains including: AMC, Regal, Cinemark and participating regional chains as well as Moonfall movie tickets purchased on platforms like Fandango and Atom!

There will be 5 different versions of the free Moonfall IMAX NFT and there is a limited quantity available.

Here’s how to get your free NFT:

If you’re seeing Moonfall with a friend and you both want the free NFT, buy your tickets separately! Only 1 free NFT will be awarded per email address
Make sure you when you purchase your Moonfall movie tickets that you are selecting showtimes that occur on Thursday February 3rd and that they are in the IMAX format. Most theatre chains will mention the free NFT promotion on their website when you purchase the tickets and should look something like this:

Here are the steps to get your free NFT for the seeing the Moonfall movie when using AMC:
AMC states you need to purchase the tickets or make an AMC Stubs A-List reservation through their website or mobile app.
Next, you will get an email notifying your purchase or reservation qualifies for the free NFT Moonfall movie promotion.
You need to attend the film and have your ticket QR code scanned, if you don’t attend the film or refund your ticket you will not receive the next email in order to redeem your free NFT!
After viewing the film on February 3rd and having your ticket scanned, you will get another email on February 8th that will contain a unique link to be redeemed on autograph.io
I’d recommend setting a reminder to be on the lookout for the redemption email because the NFT will be minted in the order they are redeemed and will cycle through the 5 variations. Basically first come first served will have a lower number and traditionally NFTs that are minted with lower numbers have the potential to be more valuable.
You need to set up an autograph wallet in order to redeem the NFT and I’d recommend getting that set up in advance so that doesn’t interfere with redeeming the NFT.
After redeeming your unique link on autograph.io the NFT should actually show up in your autograph wallet approximately 48 hours later.
You have less than a month to redeem your Moonfall NFT, it needs to be redeemed by: 11:59pm PST on March 6th!

According to the Terms and Conditions on the Autograph website, the free NFT will remain in your autograph wallet for a limited time and will “eventually” need to be transferred to an external non-custodial wallet and failure to do so may result in the loss of your Moonfall movie NFT! The ability to transfer the NFT to an external wallet is not yet available though they anticipate they will have that function available before May 1st, 2022.

If you’re wondering if the free NFT for Moonfall movie is valuable, Autograph claims it has a $0 value.

How to get the free NFT for seeing the Moonfall movie at AMC:

Autograph Terms and Conditions to get the free NFT for seeing the Moonfall movie:

Moonfall movie trailer: https://youtu.be/xx97DuHGr2o

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