I use these Opensea NFT flipping tactics to consistently profit from trades on Opensea. I am using http://nfthandshake.com/ for all of my flips.

We are in a bear market right now and it is important to adjust your tactics and flips to the current situation.

Here are some of my top tips for flipping NFTs in a bear market.

1. Don’t bid on really rare NFTs, these tend to not sell during a market with low volume and liquidity. They are much riskier now.

2. Don’t hold any NFTs unless you are really an expert on the market and have been doing long-term holding strategies for a very long time. Ask yourself, have you ever been through a true bear market before?
Most people don’t know how to handle a bear market such as the one we are in. They believe they can’t do anything wrong.

3. Flip NFTs with liquidity and bid +/- 10% of the floor price. This makes it way easier for you to get out of your position and you are still submitting bids above the floor. This makes the offer look very attractive to most holders. The idea is to submit offers in bulk to people looking to exit fast with a decent return or people looking to limit their loss. When you offer above the floor price, most people will think they got “lucky” to get such an offer in this market.

4. Take profits aggressively. Once you win something, don’t hold it for days. Lower the price every 6 hours by 5-10%. You should have enough margin to do so. You need to be ok with having no profit or little profit if it doesn’t sell. We don’t want to take a loss on any trade so we rather break even if it doesn’t sell.

5. Use tools to find out if the collection is trending towards a higher floor price and if there is liquidity for the price you are intending to sell at.
tools such as Nftscoring, Nansen, and Compass can be great for that.

6. Join our discord and discuss your trades and ideas. No reason to buy our bidding software. Just come join our awesome community.

You can sign up for NFT Handshake via our discord:

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