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This is our official video of MetaSill NFT Frame User Guide:

►00:08 Connecting to your Wallet
►00:40 Connecting to your Frame
►02:02 Displaying your NFT

About MetaSill:

MetaSill, a Square frame to showcase your NFTs perfectly! Our high-end NFT Frames can display your NFTs clearly under bright light. These anti-glare, wide-view angle frames are used to display NFTs in digital art galleries. The MetaSill NFT Frame is currently available in 2 sizes: a 22-inch (diagonal) Square frame and a 33.2-inch (diagonal) square frame.

👉 Complete User Manual: https://682a4175-98e2-481d-9ace-6dbdbc69ddf4.usrfiles.com/ugd/682a41_82be7ecff08f44198bc8d6771128a60c.pdf
👉 Purchase link: https://www.metasill.io/shop
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