Jen Stark is a mixed media and NFT artist who broke records in March 2021 for being the first female artist to enter Foundation’s top 10 selling creators. For the past fifteen years, she’s worked with a variety of mediums to bring her mesmerizing paintings, sculptures, and animations to life. She’s collaborated with brands like Apple, Google, Vans, MTV, and Smashbox, and even launched a 6,000 sq. ft. immersive installation, “Cascade” in 2021. Her first generative NFT collection, “Vortex,” made its debut in December 2021, immortalizing her signature paper sculpture style on the blockchain. Though she came from the traditional art world, Stark believes that NFTs have changed her life and will be the new avenue of art history.

In this episode we cover:
– How NFTs allow artists to better connect with collectors
– How the traditional art world views NFTs
– Her advice for other artists
– Equitable representation in the NFT space
– Art in the metaverse
– And much more!

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