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1. On Wednesday 5th January 2022, 10.00PM UK Time, is your interview for the NFT Course.
2. We will reveal the Curriculum during the interview.
3. You will only be allowed on to the interview once we have proof of who you say you are. To provide your Proof of ID & Address Follow this Link-By Clicking Here You will be entering into the Private & Confidential: https://forms.gle/kvwRNg5fWJAa4ers6 You must use the example as shown on the form to take a Selfie with your Photo ID & Address and put PRIVATE on the document before uploading on to the form.
4. If you are accepted, then you will be given a PayPal link for the Fees.
5. The Fee for the NFT Course is 499 US Dollars.
6. The time of the Course is Sunday 9th Jan 2022,
UK Time 9PM GMT,
New York Time 4PM EST,
Australia Time Monday 10th Jan 2022, 8AM AEDT.
7. There are concessions for my Tricks & Traps Students, of 100 US Dollars.
8. The Course is Comprehensive and will be rolled out over 2 to 3 modules within 90 days of the
start of the course +-10 days.

For more information please check your previous email below:

[” The NFT Course will be held by Hieu & Lance.
The Course is set up as a Business Model. 2a) Because it is an NFT it can be sold on at a profit by you. 2b) Every time the Course is sold-on down the chain, you will also get the Royalty. This NFT Course will go up in Value, every time it is sold. The estimate of the 5th or 6th Generation Sale will be 3500 USD. You understand what the potential growth is in your Wallet. 2c) In other words you get a Percentage every time the course changes hands, creating a Passive Income for you i.e. Non-centralized. 2d) We estimate the Fee of this Course will be 499USD +- 10%.

This is how your World is rolling out. You are now the True Owner of the Property. This has not been done in Several Hundred Years on this Planet.

At the moment your house, your car, you bank account, your children, etc. are not your property – Period

On Wednesday, 5th January 2022, 10.00PM UK Time, we will be interviewing everybody for suitability and as a presentation of what you are actually autographing your way through.

The interview is to establish your integrity and educate you on the Course.

Must to do: Before this meeting, you will be required to send your proof of ID and address with the serial numbers and other details blacked out, just your Face and Name is okay to be viewed on the ID and address. You must write PRIVATE on the Email & Document that you send to us. Follow this Link to send your Proof of ID & Address By Clicking Here You will be entering into the Private & Confidential: https://forms.gle/kvwRNg5fWJAa4ers6

The interview will take place on Zoom.

Make sure you have tested your Microphone and Camera before the Zoom meeting and not using the actual Interview Session to test your device.

When you enter the Zoom Interview keep your Camera Turned On and your profile name must be reflecting your name as in the documentation you submit in the Form that you will send prior to coming on to this Interview. “]

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