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If you are a STEPN user, you have probably discovered that there are so-called Mystery Boxes in the game. Every user has space for 4 Loot Boxes, and as you walk/run with STEPN, you might be lucky and earn such a box. But, what will you get on the inside of the different boxes? How much does it cost to open a box? How does the luck attribute influence what you will find inside the different boxes?

There are lots of questions when it comes to the different Mystery Boxes. Many of them are completely impossible to answer because the mathematics behind the Mystery Boxes is kept secret. But, based on lots of research and stats, we do have a clue about what is required to get the different Mystery Boxes and also what you can find on the inside of the different boxes.

A big change happened on June 14th and since then, there are now 10 levels of mystery boxes (before that there were only 5). In order to get such boxes you need to move with STEPN, but after the introduction of ten different levels of boxes, it turned easier for everyone to get one (even though only moving with 2 energy).

What can you get inside a Mystery Box?

The higher the level of the mystery box, the better the content of the box. But, there is no guarantee that you will receive fantastic stuff, even though you have a Mystery Box of a high level.

The Mystery Box level 1 is a broken mystery box. They quickly changed the price of this mystery box (it was originally 1 GST, but it is now 5 GST). This might not contain anything at all, but it might also contain minting scrolls, and if you are extremely lucky, a gem.

The Mystery Box level 2 isn’t broken. This will normally give you a common minting scroll (which is needed to mint new sneakers in STEPN).

As you start to get mystery boxes level 3 and up, you will also have a chance to get different gems. Some boxes will contain several gems and scrolls, while others may contain only a scroll or one single gem. What you will get is heavily influenced by the luck attribute on your sneaker. Not only will the luck attribute influence the level of the mystery box you get, but it will also influence the actual things on the inside of the mystery box.

To sum it up: You will get minting scrolls and gems inside the mystery boxes. The higher the level of the mystery box, the greater the chance to pick up valuable gems (not only level 1 gems but level 2 and level 3 gems).

What can I do to get a high-level Mystery Box?

We all want Mystery Boxes with great content. In order to get high-level mystery boxes, you need a combination of two things.

  • You need as much energy as possible.
  • You need to add points to the luck attribute of your sneaker.

Below you can see an illustration made by @StepnEurope showing you the price of the different mystery boxes and how much time you need for the content to reach “base cost.”

The king of STEPN Stats, Krit, shared the following chart on Twitter only a few hours after the release of the ten-level mystery box system. Here you can also get a feeling of what’s required when it comes to energy and the luck attribute in order to get the different mystery boxes.

What do we see from the chart above?

  • The chance of getting the different uncommon boxes (levels 3 and 4) should be decent if you operate with a luck attribute of 10-20 and use 10-15 energy during the same exercise.
  • To get some rare boxes (levels 5 and 6) you should probably have 15 energy and have the luck attribute exceeding 30 (but closer to 50 is probably better).
  • You can get the common boxes (levels 1 and 2) with 2 energy and without almost anything added to the luck attribute at all.

This chart was shared only a few hours after the release of the new mystery box system. As a result, we will probably know a lot more in a few days as more data will be added to the chart. It will be very interesting to see more data when it comes to getting the epic and the legendary mystery boxes as well.

How much does it cost to open the mystery boxes?

The cost of opening a mystery box depends on the level of the mystery box. The higher the level of the box, the more it will cost. There is always a chance to pay extra in order to open the box at once, but if you spend lots of GST paying to open a box earlier, you will most likely end up spending more to open the box than the value of the box itself.

Below you can see a chart from Twitter showing the cost of opening the different mystery boxes and also how long time it will take before they can be opened without paying any additional fee. The chart was shared on Twitter by GUMY. The illustration earlier in the article looks much nicer and it doesn’t have errors, while the illustration below has the wrong number of days for a level 5 mystery box (for example).

Here you can see that you will have to wait 48 hours for a level 1 mystery box if you want to pay only the base price to open the box. If you decide to open it immediately (boost), you will pay 16x more.

It takes three days (72 hours) for a mystery box level 2 to be released without having to pay a boosted price. If you don’t have the patience to wait and decide to open it immediately, the price you have to pay is something like 26 GST.

Do not forget that you only have four boxes in your inventory, meaning that if you use your energy several times per day instead of one big trip per day, you might easily end up filling it up with boxes, hindering you from getting new boxes.

If you are in a hurry, how much will it cost to open a box if you pay the boost fee as well?

LevelQualityTime (days)Base Price (GST)Base + Boost (GST)Level 1Damaged Mystery Box2513Level 2Refurbished Mystery Box3720Level 3Common Mystery Box41030Level 4Uncommon Mystery Box635Level 5Rare Mystery Box8100388Level 6Epic Mystery Box10255975Level 7Legendary Mystery Box12523Level 8Enchanted Mystery Box141024Level 9Master Mystery Box161818Level 10Satoshi Mystery Box18?

Our table was complete for a long time, but after some recent changes to the Mystery Box system, we are still in need of your help and assistance to have all the boosted costs available.

Until the July update to the Mystery Boxes, the same math formula could be used to find the cost of all the boxes. After the most recent update, they use different calculations for the different boxes, meaning that there isn’t one formula to solve them all anymore.

What can you get in the different Mystery Boxes?

Here you can see a chart that will give you a hint concerning what you can get in your mystery box. This is just information about what others have received from similar boxes, they do not serve as any kind of guarantee.

This was some information about the Mystery Boxes in STEPN. If you have further comments or questions, please use the comment field below. If you have any cool charts or insight on the topic, please use the comment field below as well!

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