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The new 11th generation Civic follows the same championship-winning formula with significant upgrades.

All cars will be assembled at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, OH where the Acura NSX and PMC Edition Acura production vehicles are built. This state-of-the-art facility employs groundbreaking technologies in weld, body construction, body painting, final assembly, and quality confirmation to ensure the highest levels of precision and craftsmanship.

The HPD Civic Si FE1 is equipped with the Honda L15CA 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and HPD strengthened 6-speed manual transmission. The race car is purpose built from a white body which deletes the 2022 Civic Si road car’s sunroof, sound proofing, insulation, underbody coating and seam sealer.

Beginning in November of 2022, the latest HPD Civic Si will be available for delivery to customers. The complete, ready-to-race car is priced at $55,000 plus tax (FOB Marysville, OH) and includes an installed roll cage; a full range of HPD-developed and homologated parts including the engine, suspension, exhaust, fuel cell, and Motec electronics packages.

HPD’s newest race car, based on the 2022 North American Car of the Year, 11th generation Honda Civic Si road car has already proven to be successful scoring two race wins and multiple TCA class podium finishes in early-season SRO TC America powered by Skip Barber competition at Sonoma, and NOLA Motorsports Park.

The new HPD Civic Si, follows the success of the 10th generation race car which captured the 2018 and 2020 SRO drivers’ championship as well as vice champion in 2021.

Dogecoin — the meme-based cryptocurrency — has jumped so high in value that it appears to be worth more than Honda, the car-making company.

Is Dogecoin worth more than Honda?

Dogecoin recently soared in value to be worth $0.42 per Dogecoin, which makes its market value close to $54.64 billion, according to Benzinga. Meanwhile, Honda is only worth about $54.52 billion. So it’s a slim margin, but a margin nonetheless.

  • Interestingly, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus said he once sold all his cryptocurrencies in 2015.
    He earned enough to buy a used Honda Civic car at the time, according to Benzinga. He didn’t buy the car, using the money to pay rent instead.

Dogecoin soars over Twitter, Ford

Dogecoin became more valuable than Twitter and Ford earlier this week, according to my report for the Deseret News. Over the weekend, Dogecoin became valued at $49.8 billion, — higher than Ford ($45.2 million) and Twitter ($44.1 billion), according to Yahoo! Finance.

And Dogecoin currently ranks one spot behind Newmont Corporation, the world’s biggest gold-mining company in the world, on the Asset Dash rankings.

  • “Dogecoin being valued higher than a traditional commodity-based company like Ford or just lower than one like Newmont Corporation continues the longstanding paradox that faces traditional investors with cryptocurrencies holding no physical value,” according to Yahoo! Finance.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Dogecoin will become more useful as more companies allow people to spend their holdings.

The car is specially constructed for racing using a selection of HPD and carefully selected partner performance and safety components.

Pre-orders can now be taken with a deposit of $25,000 with the balance due upon completion of the car. You can place your order through HPD Customer Service by phone: (661) 702-7777 or email [email protected]

“We at HPD are proud to be able to develop the Civic Si FE1 in house and make it available for sale”, said John Whiteman, HPD Commercial Manager. “The new Civic demonstrates the industry standard in production-based racing. FE1 builds on the unequaled success of the 10th generation Civic Si race car and utilizes the design gains of the 11th generation Honda Civic road car.

Merită Dogecoin asta? Nu este ceva ce pot să înțeleg, darămite să răspund ”.

Markus afirmă că adevărata valoare a Dogecoin se află în comunitate și potențialul său de a face bine. El a spus că, dacă comunitatea întruchipează bucurie, bunătate, distracție, empatie, creativitate și absurditate, aceasta este „adevărata valoare a DOGE”.

Scrisoarea lui Markus urmează interesului și speculațiilor reînnoite în DOGE, prețul monedei crescând cu 50% după ce Elon Musk a postat pe Twitter că a fost „ oamenilor crypto ”pe 4 februarie. În 2019, Musk a fost ales ca ipotetic CEO de către comunitatea Dogecoin într-un sondaj pe Twitter și s-a referit în glumă la el însuși drept„ fostul CEO al Dogecoin ”. Pe 11 februarie. Musk a cumpărat DOGE pentru fiul său astfel încât să poată deveni un „copil mic”.

Fondatorul Dogecoin, Billy Markus, a dezvăluit că și-a vândut stocul DOGE în 2015 pentru o sumă echivalentă cu un Honda Civic folosit.

Markus a făcut comentariul într-o scrisoare deschisă către r / dogecoin subredit la începutul acestei săptămâni, în care a încercat să se prezinte noilor membri ai comunității și să sublinieze ceea ce el crede că este „adevărata valoare” a DOGE după Mania Dogecoin care a văzut că a câștigat 900% de la sfârșitul lunii ianuarie.

În postare, el a oferit context asupra istoriei Dogecoin, în ceea ce pare a fi o relație de iubire-ură, de când moneda a început ca o glumă în 2013.

Markus a afirmat că a renunțat la Dogecoin în 2015 din cauza hărțuirii on-line din partea comunității și pentru că nu se simțea confortabil cu direcția pe care o lua comunitatea.

Один из создателей Dogecoin Билли Маркус рассказал о судьбе находившихся в его распоряжении монет. Билли Маркус запустил Dogecoin вместе с Джексоном Палмером в 2013 году, модифицировав кошелек Litecoin в dogecoin-qt. Он ведет менее публичную жизнь, чем Палмер, и использует псевдоним Shibetoshi Nakamoto.

Маркус написал, что в 2015 он продал все свои запасы «мемной монеты» (с курсом $0,0000276), за сумму эквивалентную поддержанной Honda Civic, с целью избежать полной потери своих сбережений.
Сейчас это звучит иронично, так как капитализация Doge при курсе 69 центов ($84 млрд) превысила капитализацию компании Honda ($54 млрд).

Также Маркус отметил, что не понимает разговоров о росте до $1 и приближении капитализации монеты к уровню крупных компаний (многие из которых Dogecoin уже обогнал).

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus is currently struggling to come to terms with DOGE’s recent surge. Markus has revealed that he sold off all his DOGE funds in 2015 for an amount equivalent to a used Honda Civic.

Markus made that announcement in an open letter to the r/dogecoin subreddit earlier this week where he sought to introduce himself to new members of the community. He went on to outline what he thinks is the ‘true value of DOGE after the Dogecoin hyper-activity that saw the crypto gain 900% since late January.

In his post, he offered context on the history of Dogecoin.

The accounts of this letter appear to be a love-hate relationship since the crypto was developed as a joke in 2013. Markus claimed that he stepped down from Dogecoin in 2015 as a result of online harassment from the community.

Does Dogecoin deserve that? That is not something I cannot comprehend, let alone answer.”

Markus says that the true value of Dogecoin is in the community and its possibility to do some good. He explained that if the community embodies empathy, joy, creativity, kindness, fun, and absurdity, that this is the real value of DOGE.

His letter follows some renewed interest and speculation in DOGE with the coin’s price gaining 50% after Elon Musk tweeted that it was “the people’s crypto” on February 4. In 2019, Musk was elected as the hypothetical CEO by the Dogecoin community in a Twitter poll.
Since then, he has jokingly acquired the title of “former CEO of Dogecoin.”

On February 11, Musk acquired some DOGE for his 9-month-old son so that he could become a “toddler hodler”. On his part, Markus views the interest of the world’s richest man as quite surreal.

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