Officially licensed Heavy Metal Magazine NFTs are dropping on Curio in packs! Purchase a pack to get one of three elements of a cover. Collect all three elements to “fuse” them into the full cover!

🔥 Heavy Metal NFTs:


Heavy Metal is the premier storyteller of cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Heavy Metal has continuously published its magazine since its first issue in 1977. Launched at a time when traditional comic book publishers were bound to strict censorship by the Comics Code Authority, established in 1954. Like MAD Magazine before them, Heavy Metal began as a magazine to circumvent such censorship. Today, with 40 years and the 300th issue of the magazine hitting shelves this summer, Heavy Metal continues its tradition in bringing cutting-edge and best-in-class storytelling to audiences worldwide.



On Curio, you can purchase limited edition, exclusive digital collectibles in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Built on the Ethereum blockchain, these NFTs are authentic and verifiable.

Curio partners with the biggest names in entertainment to create officially licensed digital collectibles that celebrate the characters and moments around the show or property. Each digital collectible brings together animations, video, music, and guaranteed authenticity.

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