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Super wild that he even agreed to do this. I’m not sure if this is his real voice or if he used a voice changer. I can’t agree with pretty much 99% of what he did or said although I must admit he did bring up some valid points. I think he’s really fucking smart and a master manipulator. I wish he would use his intelligence for good.

I can’t, under any circumstance, see a situation where rugging is okay. I reached out to him on the Reptilian Renegade twitter to do this podcast because I thought it would be super interesting to see his point of view on the matter and why he did what he did. I’m sorry it was so long and a bit of a ramble, it was really hard to control the conversation as he had so much to say and I didn’t expect it.

Hope everyone involved is okay and I hope the project gets successfully derugged. My heart goes out to everyone impacted.

Let me know your thoughts.

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