Welcome to the Bull Market, Where Host, Money Mitch, Or @STORYInvestors is always bringing you the next Story Stock.

In This Stock Market Show Story Is Everything, From GameStop GME, Dogecoin & SPACs Stocks.
We all have SEEN how far STORY can cause stock prices to rise.
Topics today
– Market Sentiment 0:00- 5:28
-Notable Earnings 5:28 – 11:24
-Talk about the Story that is $GNUS @GNUSBrands 11:24 – 27:06
– Reopening LAST CHANCE to grab this stock? 27:07 – 39:40
– $MUDS @ToppsDigital MLB NFTs Pack Opening – 39:40 – 48:02
-Chinese Electric Vehicles is this the bottom? $XPEV $LI $NIO 48:02 – 54:00

Now Let Us Find The Next Story Stock!

Learn how to combine ALL 3 Major Variables

The Question is do you have Paper or Diamond Hands?

Follow Our Host For Great Trade Ideas & Also Answer Any Question regardless of how crazy the questions can be


On Money Mitch, we will go over
-Market Sentiment
-Top Movers
-Earnings & Analysis
-Google Trend Data
– & of course our HODL Time
(Where you get to ask about your stock & call-in)

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