December 6th’s upcoming Mirandus VOX Drop has been building momentum, as the Gala Games community’s wait for all the details is over! Here’s how to buy and mint Gala Games VOX NFTs! πŸ”” Sub4more On Chain Gaming videos:

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Learn more about VOX and how all 8,888 NFTs are randomly generated with different rarity characteristics:
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0:00 Intro – Gala Games Vox NFTs Sell for over 100 ETH
1:24 Mirandus Gala Vox drop is on Dec 6th
1:53 First VOX drop issues were addressed really well
2:43 Mirandus VOX boxes are popping off in price
4:01 Mirandus VOX utility in Mirandus explained
6:51 Mirandus VOX utility in Town Star explained
7:32 ALL DROP DETAILS & how to buy early!
9:04 Outro – Thanks for everything!!!


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❓ On Chain Gaming means gaming on the blockchain where gamers have real ownership! Traditional games keep ownership of all in game assets & have the right to termite items from your account and prohibit their resale. That’s NOT player ownership, but Blockchain games give REAL ownership of in game items and currency to players! NFT assets on the Ethereum blockchain mean in game items can be stored in crypto wallets, used in game or sold to other gamers for REAL MONEY! Crypto games enable real PLAY TO EARN game economies because wealth in blockchain games translates to wealth in real life! Blockchain gaming merges the real economy and virtual game economies into one massive economy!

🎡 Music By Josh Freeman
πŸŽ₯ Edited By Nate Browatzke
🎨 Intro art by Juan Casini –

⚠️ This video was created for entertainment purposes ONLY! This is not financial advice. While this video does reflect my honest opinions at the time of making this video, NFT’s and all unregulated crypto assets have risk.
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Thanks so much for watching this blockchain gaming video about gala crypto and VOX NFTs. This video does not include a gala price prediction but does include talk about the gala token, specially non-fungible tokens. vox mirandus

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