We made the decision as a company that, if we’re going all in on this technology, we’re going all in on what we have conviction for, and what we think philosophically at the end of the day, if we lost all of our money, was worth doing. And for us, that was Bitcoin.”

In 2018, his team made the decision to divest from every business they owned not directly focused on Bitcoin. With Bitcoin Magazine, they would not cover any projects unless they were Bitcoin-related nor would the businesses invest into any asset other than Bitcoin.

“It was a tough decision to make because so much of the ecosystem and so many of the business opportunities that exist are not Bitcoin specific,” said Bailey.

Edinburgh attracts more cultural and historical events than Glasgow, including the world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Hogmanay (among the world’s largest New Year’s celebrations).

There were fledgling signs of Bitcoin adoption in Edinburgh throughout 2021, although the conference would hope to make waves in terms of nationwide adoption. Across the border in England, grassroots adoption stories are spreading while the Isle of Man — a British Crown Dependency — is fast becoming a “Bitcoin Island.”

British Bitcoiners feature among the speakers as Peter McCormack, podcaster behind What Bitcoin Did, Allen Farrington, author of Bitcoin is Venice, and Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner, have been announced as speakers to date. The conference is the inaugural Bitcoin Collective conference, with locations for the following years yet to be announced.

Salinas pointed out that hyperinflation hurts two types of people – old people and poor people, as they don’t have assets, only cash.

Saifedean Ammous actually calculated the loss per year at the inflation rate of 14%. That is 14 trillion dollars lost each year! He proceeded to explain how that impacts the poor, while the rich can secure their money with hard assets.

A similar sentiment was shared by Greg Foss, who said that it is „mathematically impossible“ for governments to stop printing money. In other words, fiat currencies are going to be worthless soon.

They believe your money’s value is better stored elsewhere.

And, it’s one thing to have an ideology and a philosophy in your head. It’s another thing to see that validated by the marketplace. And so, when we had this conference that was much bigger, much higher energy, with much more sponsor support than we could have really ever imagined, we realized how much untapped demand there was for the Bitcoin community to really return.”

The plan was to return for a Spring 2020 edition of the conference.
But, mere weeks ahead of Bitcoin2020, the world was locked down. Bitcoin Conference organizers were left hanging. When COVID hit, and Bitcoin prices were tanking, it was “a very dark month” for Bitcoin Magazine and the conference.

“We had already paid out millions of dollars and expenses to vendors and contractors,” said Bailey. “We were only three or four weeks away from the conference happening, when we had to cancel it.

The interesting thing in this remark is the use of the present tense, as the governments are rethinking their reserves.

Another important piece of information he shared is that there will be no CBDCs in the USA.

The More Regulated the Field, the Better

Neal Katyal, a senior advisor during the Obama administration, had intriguing observations to share about Bitcoin’s future. He is certain that Bitcoin is coming to adoption, but he wonders about the regulations. In a lively speech, he presented his stance that the more regulated a field is, the more people will be drawn to it.

Bitcoin Is a Store of Value

Fred Thiel, the chairman, and CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings, said that Bitcoin will be used to price commodities in the future because you cannot kill it or debase it.
Bitcoin is a reserve asset and, unlike the dollar, it cannot be weaponized.

Back then, furthermore, the fork wars had just happened, and the Bitcoin community seemed divided.

“The landscape in the Bitcoin ecosystem was very complex, fractured and tense,” said Bailey. “There were a lot of tense people who were very disgruntled about Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Core, etc.”

If they were going to be full time focused as an organization on Bitcoin, then they needed to try to help the Bitcoin ecosystem return back to the roots that made them passionate and excited about the technology in the first place.

They wrote a blog post announcing the pivot and launched a campaign called Make Bitcoin Fun Again. They also created the Bitcoin Conference, which was designed as a vehicle to expose people to Bitcoin culture, as well as the ideas that made the Bitcoin Magazine team passionate about the technology.

He believes that Bitcoin will go 10x up in price and then another 10x.

Day 2 – Peter Thiel Didn’t Hold Back

Peter Thiel, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and co-founder of PayPal, made some interesting remarks comparing gold and stock equities in 1980 and today. Since then, gold has only gone up 4.8x, whereas the global market stock equities are now worth 115 trillion dollars, meaning they have gone up 46x. „The benchmark for BTC isn’t gold, but equities“, he added.

Thiel also talked about Bitcoin being the most honest market. He compared it to the inflation prices and said it is a clear indicator that the FIAT regime is coming to an end and that central banks are bankrupt.

Bitcoin in Times of Inflation

During the largest Bitcoin conference in history, a lot of speakers seem to agree with Thiel’s statements on inflation.
Ricardo B.

Bitcoin is the Future

From April 6-8, the largest Bitcoin conference in history was held in Miami. More than 25,000 people attended it to hear the news about the crypto industry and how the economy and digital assets are changing (the world).

The leading inventors, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, and crypto millionaires have spoken their minds. It seems that they all agree on the assessment that Bitcoin is the future and that governments need to accept this.
Fiat money is a thing of the past and the latest inflation rates only prove this.

They also talked about adopting Bitcoin as a payment method and store of value, that, unlike gold or money, is more stable.

The conference has brought more than 450 speakers to Miami.

“That conference was one of the best experiences of what the Bitcoin culture is all about that I’ve been a part of in the past 10 years of this industry, and our team walked away from that event so jacked up about what had just happened,” he said. “It felt like magic. It was undeniably obvious to every single person at this organization that all we needed to do was focus on Bitcoin.”

They’ve been doing just that ever since, including placing their entire company treasury into Bitcoin.“It’s worked out for us and we wake up every day and the entire team here is truly mission driven to bring Bitcoin to the world,” he said.

Pivoting to a Bitcoin-only business model wasn’t really a validated business approach. “It’s not like Bitcoin companies were just crushing it at that point in time, either,” said Bailey. “So, it really was an ideological decision.

He’s got a lot of work to do on that front, but he was extremely receptive, and eager to work with us, set up calls and have his Comms Director working hand in hand with us, advocating for us on different levels of government, and getting feedback from the governor’s office about policy, regs,” said Bailey. “They’ve been awesome to work with.”

The conference made the jump from San Francisco to Miami quickly. “We made the decision in early January, and it was all able to come together in about 30 days,” said Bailey. “We couldn’t even get people to respond back to our emails in LA in 30 days. So that was a pretty awesome jump for us.”

The conference has been reworked to facilitate the new venue and city.

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