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Amsterdam 1625, The competition for new plant specimens is fierce! Especially since Europe has a new love affair with TULIPS! Not just any tulips though! Specimens with broken colors fetched a higher price but how DID these non-native species make their way to Europe?
Find out now, as we geek out and show you how the seeds were sown for Tulip Mania!

—- Miss an episode in our Tulip Mania Series? —-
Part 1 – NFTs (Non-Fungible Tulips): https://youtu.be/QL5-YbvmYLE
Part 2 – Farming Gold: https://youtu.be/BgBdUWL85nI
Part 3 – To The Moon: https://youtu.be/h8Ng74D_9_Q
Part 4 – The Crash: 5/28/2022
Part 5 – Release Date: 6/4/2022
Series Wrap up / Lies Episode – Release Date: 6/18/2022
Music From the Show – “First Financial Bulb!” – Release Date: 6/18/2022

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